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Where do you really live?

The wheel of the Zodiac tells your predictions from the self to society, the world and the universe beyond. Locate yourself on the cosmic scale and nudge yourself to gain complete fulfilment out of your life-goals and principles. Get practical tips on what situations to avoid and what callings to indulge in.
Prepare to be amazed by the accuracy of your house rule forecast.

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We all have to follow some rules when we stay in a house, similarly when we talk about horoscopes, every horoscope is divided into 12 houses. Each house is closely related to a zodiac sign and each house represent a specific area of life…Well, that sounds quite complicated. You must be thinking how on earth you are going to understand how these houses function.

As we already told you there are certain rules for every house and this theory is applicable to horoscopes as well, if you want to see a broader picture you must consider the house rules.

When something is pestering you, when you are unable to cross the road block, when you need to take a firm decision, when something is making you run from pillar to post, when questions remain unanswered or when you just need to be sure about your decision, fret not your house rules have the solution for all your problems and it is just a click away.

  • Know more about planetary movements and their effects on your life in the present scenario, how to make the most of the situation and where to spend your precious time and energy or how to use the cosmic changes in your horoscope for the best productivity.
  • We are delighted to bring to you, your most accurate forecasts at Astrology Prime. 

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Your solitary key to the secrets of all creation, renders bare the scrolls of the Oracle with a comprehensive reading of your horoscope.

Even the most cynical of readers will find something meaningful in the meticulous and studied interpretations of the Zodiac, their associated Houses, Elements and Planets. From the ancient elegance of the Vedic Horoscope to the psycho-analytic forecasts of modern day Love and Career, you will find all the motivation and counsel you need to take your life in your own hands. Explore your future NOW!.