Air is the ruling element for Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, it also controls third, seventh and eleventh houses in horoscope. Air imparts wits to those who are associated with it. Those people who have Air as their ruling element can blow you away with their thoughts and ideas. If you are at a fix, tell this to a person influenced by Air and you will keep gazing at them and ponder how effortlessly they use their wits to come out of the situation.

Communication is the key for these airy folks they are witty, clever and like to see all sides of an equation. They are quick in reading between the lines and you will hardly get an opportunity to fool them. They know how to get their work done and when it comes to gathering information from someone, there is definitely no one better than airy people.

The air signers can be a like a sweet breeze when they at their best mood, but they can soon change to a tornado if you upset them. These people are quite sorted in their head and they certainly know what they are doing, but as the direction of air they can also change in no time and become cold. If they are good to you, they will be a blessing…if not you need to find a hideout to stay away from these people.

These people like to rise and shine, they are realistic, enthusiastic and want to make this world a better place with their hart and soul. They are caring and don’t like to be bias towards people, they look at the situation wisely and then give their advice. Airy people like to pat their backs, while gazing at their accomplishments.

They are best people to deal with when they are in good mood, they are intellectual, honest, swift with tint of cleverness. These people can the be an asset too.


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