Aries is first among the 12 Zodiac signs and that tells you something about the people who fall under this zodiac sign. Aries are born with leadership qualities and they certainly like to lead from front. If you see someone taking initiative, you must know he/she is Aries. If you need to get things done? An Aries is all you need, Aries are born leaders and their leadership skills can put anyone on the backseat. Aries can face any troubles and have the capability to come out as a winner. Victory is their best friend.

Aries have a unique persona due to which people often stay glued to them. An Aries is always open to change and nothing on earth can make her uncomfortable or shy. Aries are bold, fearless and confident and nothing can bring them to their knees. They are like a fireball, full of energy, life and positivity. Aries are the ray of light in a dark tunnel. No one can stay away from their charismatic demeanor.

Well, we are not exaggerating; being an Aries is a total bliss. Ram is the symbol of Aries, that has both pros and cons to it. Aries are often restless and dominating, they are always considered bossy people, who like to have their say on everything and who also like to sell their ideas to the world by hook or by crook.

Words like timid, shy and coy don’t exist for Aries…They are always outspoken and precise. Aries have a unique aura and anyone around them can certainly feel it. Aries are winners or should we say victory makes its way to them. Aries are highly focused, and they certainly know how to get things done.

Mars is the ruling planet of Aries, if we just go down the memory lane and flip the pages of Roman mythology you will surely know why Aries have such charm and Charisma, its only because of Mars which is considered as the God of Wars. Aries are brave, undefeatable and stacked up with courage. They can concentrate their energy and make it a fireball, which will be thrown on someone who tries to mess with them. They are survivors and they can withstand great difficulties, which gives them an edge over others. Aries are also considered independent and self-centered…they don’t like to be under the burden of a favour.

If an Aries is standing opposite to you, you’ve certainly got competition, as they don’t seem to give up easily…They fight till their last breath, well, that’s the dedication Aries have. As they say with great power comes great responsibility and it certainly takes a lot vigor, courage and focus to become a leader. You can say Aries are born leaders, which at times back fires on them as they are considered demanding, dominating and arrogant by family and peers.

Aries have a burning desire to get things done. That comes from their ruling element that is fire. An Aries always revolves around I, me and myself and no matter how many times you tell them to be humble and take suggestions from other they always fail to do so. They are always right in their head and they would do anything to make you believe that too.

Aries believe in the saying ‘if you never try, you will never know’, they would love to try and fail rather than not trying at all. No matter how hard situations are. They always like to give it a shot.

Challenges and changes never bother Aries, as they are ace warriors and they definitely know it. Aries may look dominating, but they are not…They are perfectionists and for them it is only their work that matters. Aries work hard to achieve what they want to in life, but they are also quite enthusiastic about sports…Be it a cricket match or a game of chess they are always in for it.

No one can win an argument with an Aries, they make sure they have the last word...You must be wondering how they manage their love life with such behavior! As we already told you, Aries like to maintain balance in their life and that’s why they know how to love. They are certainly romantic and at times they just make extra effort to take their romantic relationship to a whole new level.

Aries may suffer from head and neck related issues, but keeping a healthy lifestyle will work wonders for them. One of the most important qualities that makes Aries what they are, is their dedication to achieve something blended with sheer focus.

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