Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn have earth as their ruling element, Earth is also the ruler of Second, Sixth and Seventh houses in a horoscope. The people who have earth as their ruling planet, inherit almost all the major characteristics from it. These people are dependable, you will always have their backs, when it comes to being logical these people are best in the business, the people associated with this element have taken humbleness to a whole new level.

Earth is humble, yet the most powerful element in astrology and so are the zodiac signs associated with it. Be it their career, love, family or relationships earth signers always seek for something solid in their life. There is no gray zone for them, its either black or white. The people who have earth as their ruling element find enormous pleasure, when they look at their worldly good. These eople can be materialistic, self-centered and greedy at times. They constantly need to tell themselves to stay away from worldly possessions, otherwise they will be gone with the wind.

The people who belong to this element tend to be dutiful, responsible and reliable in their own surrounding. They are the most bankable people around you and they certainly qualify to become your 2am friend. Those under earth’s umbrella are cautious and conservative towards things, they don’t like to open up much with people. They would any day prefer a good meal over good company.

They always look for the light at the end of the tunnel, you can say there are not interested in knowing route…they just eye on the destination. Well, there are times when they even overlook at someone’s emotions and end up hurting them beyond repair. Emotions certainly don’t have must room in their logical mind and they can also be a part of criticism due to this, but what attracts the audience towards these people is their logic. AS this people can give you logical reasoning for anything on earth.

Though these people stay on ground, but they are always looking at the sky…they are materialistic, yet dependable and that is the beauty of these people.

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