Numbers Of 2018


Every year some good and bad experiences with it, we are all set to welcome yet another year in the calendar that is 2018. We all are enthusiastic about the new year, but aren’t you curious to know what it has in store for you.

Numerology gives you an in-depth knowledge about, how your life is going to be in the coming days, it is totally based on equations which are derived from your natal chart and your birth date. So, let’s find out what numerology has to offer you in the year 2018, but before we tell you how this year would be, you must know that, this year is ruled by moon and it would be indeed a favorable year for women and all the creative minds.


Numerology says it will a favorable year for you on work as well as family front. This year your life will get a new direction and you are likely to start something new. Your parents will be supportive and will give you green signal for your new ventures. Your hard work and dedication will give you what you want on your work front. This year will bring gushing emotions and positivity.


2018 will bring a big sigh of relief for numerology number 2, as this year will shower you with luck, positivity and happiness. It will also be a great year for married people, you may think about welcoming a new member home. This year you need to take a good care of health otherwise nothing can stop you from sticking to bed. 


According to Numerology those who belong to ruling no 3, this year does not have must for you. This year will also be like your previous year. In the year 2018 you will find yourself worried about your future. Our advice would be, cherish your highs and stay strong during your lows. 


Numerology no 4, well the people with this number beware as this won’t be a smooth year for you as you will come across many road blocks, but your hard work and dedication will help you sail through the storm. Don’t disappointed and stay positive this year. 


2018 may not be that year which you were looking for as will bring a lot of confusions and conflicts. You must keep your mind and behaviour under control. Any of argument or tiffs as work place are something you must avoid. Most importantly keep a check on what you say to loved ones, you may end up hurting them. 


People with Numerology no 6 kindly pull up your socks, as this year will bring a lot of ups and downs for you. You must fight your way to garner some fruitful results. Luck may favour you gradually, but you are required to do a lot of hard work to unlock your luck…


Numerology no 7 this year is what the natives of this number needed. You are showered with blessings this year, as it will bring a lot of happiness, joy and hope for you. Amazing opportunities are coming your way, it will be a mesmerising year as you may welcome a new member home. 


According to Numerology, it is certainly a challenging year for ruling no 8. You may face a lot of hurdles and delays in your work. You need stay focused as there may be some emotional imbalance or something which is not right on you family front. Your bad karma may return to haunt you, so beware. 


Year 2018 will be a year of change for the natives of ruling no 9, as it will bring some impeccable changes both personally and professionally. This is also a good year for to start anything new, change your profession or city. Make the most out of this year.

So, that was sneak-peek at your numerology report for 2018.


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