We all know about our sun sign, but do you have any idea about your moon sign? You will be awestruck to know that your moon sign is as important as your sun sign. In Vedic astrology moon plays a key role and it is an integral part of Indian astrology. So, here we are with the predictions of 2018 based on your moon sign.

  • ARIES 2018

This year will demand more hard work from Aries, there will be new opportunities for you, but you will get to learn very little from this year. There will some financial issues and you certainly need to keep an eye on your expenditures.

  • TAURUS 2018

2018 brings mental peace and you are in a relaxed state of mind towards the beginning of the year, but you need to keep your anger at bay otherwise it may affect your love life and relationships.

  • GEMINI 2018

This year brings new business and growth opportunities, but beware of your enemies, as they will keep an eye out to put you down. There are changes of accidents, so be cautious while traveling.

  • CANCER 2018

2018 will lead you to a confused state of mind and will also increase the stress level. You need to get a grip of the situation and start working hard towards making things better. There is a ray of hope for you in terms of money as you may see some financial gains this year.

  • LEO 2018

This year will shower you with a lot of mental peace, but don’t let your anger take a toll on you…Keep a hawk’s eye on your enemies as they will leave no stone unturned to harm you. This year will also bring some good news in terms of court cases.

  • VIRGO 2018

Your communication skills and wits will create magic this year, you may need to control your temper a bit, as it may hurt near and dear ones. This is a no trust year for you and must not trust anyone while cracking a business deal. If married, your relationship will only grow sweeter.

  • LIBRA 2018

Career will be your top priority this year, but you will be socially active too, it is the year which teach you about practicality, do not make fake promises to people. Be a person of your words.

  • SCORPIO 2018

This year will start on a good note and will be filled with positivity and courage. You may get temperamental over certain issues. You may feel intolerant towards mean people or conversations. Keep calm, as there is a lot more that you can do if you remain focused.


2018 will certainly make you humble, focused and disciplined, this year keep your temperament under control, avoid taking any major decisions this year and it is certainly a good year for you to go abroad.

  • CAPRICORN 2018

This year your talent and skills will outshine and will make you the talk of the town, do not get carried away with your success get a grip and focus on whatever matters the most. Time is good for you, but only you can make it best.

  • AQUARIUS 2018

You will be looking for new ideas to increase your financial benefit. Patience is the key for you, have patience and everything will fall into place for you. Do not get skeptical about making compromises as it will bring greater good to you.

  • PISCES 2018

2018 will make you meet your spiritual self and you will a lot more generous this year, but from career perspective it is not a great year. Career will be peaceful only after October.


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