Know about your Holiday Tradition

The holiday season is around the corner and we all have some or the other Holiday tradition, but did you know your holiday tradition is influenced by your Zodiac Sign too. Here are the various zodiac signs and their effects on your holiday tradition: - Aries You love to spend time with your friends and family, so what can be better than a party. Your favourite holiday tradition is partying. Taurus Your most favourite holiday tradition is to treat yourself with a pie, cake or a pastry. You just love to have a solo cocktail party. Gemini You are one of those who thoroughly enjoys drunken makeout sessions. Gemini natives are sensual ones and they love to makeout when drunk. Cancer You love to have greens around you, that’s the reason your holiday tradition is buying a tree. Leo You just cannot get enough gifts, you love to gift others and yourself the things that bring a smile on your face. Virgo Chocolates are the key to your heart and your typical holiday tradition is to have some hot chocolate, well don’t forget to put some marshmallows. Libra Libra natives like their cozy, comfy bed and they are drawn towards good fragrance. You like to surround yourself with scented candles. Scorpio You like to listen to music, it goes without saying that you have piles of music records with you. Swaying with the tunes of a soothing song is what your holiday tradition looks like. Sagittarius Travelling is something which always keeps you motivated and going. Well, that’s the reason your best holiday tradition is to travel. You can travel till the time you are nit tired. Capricorn Your Holiday tradition is to put on your comfy, cosy, Christmassy pyjamas. You see them as your best holiday buddies. Aquarius Your friends are your strength, you always love to spend some quality time with your old buddies and that is your unchanging holiday tradition. Pisces You love ginger bread, watching your favourite movie with some ginger bread and coffee is all you need for a perfect holiday.