Monthly Horoscope for April 2018

April can be an intense month for all the signs, with some major planetary movements, all the zodiac signs will experience some good and tough time. So, let’s find out what April has in store for all the Zodiac Signs: - Aries You are in control of your life, you know you are master of your fate and captain of your soul. You will reveal some secrets about yourself that you have kept hidden from the world for a long time. This revelation will provide you peace of mind and will be good for you too. Be bold, go out there and fearlessly be yourself. Taurus You may feel that this weekend was a tough one for you, there will be some hardships both professionally as well as personally. Yu may also feel that you are not living up to your potential. Keep this negativity at bay, as this will not end the way it started, and it will certainly provide you the happiness you were looking for. Gemini This is the month filled with fun and you will socialize with everyone possible. Things are good for you, and everything will come easy and handy for you. This month is certainly your month and you can do whatever makes you happy. Cancer This month the thing that you should keep in mind is Change is the only constant. There will be a lot of changes coming your way this month, many of which can leave you distressed. You will have to show your worth to the world, especially at work. April has lined up for you some romantic dates too. Leo Everything will fall in place and make sense; its time o socializes and have some crazy fun. Let loose and enjoy your life. It’s time to maintain good balance in your life. You may need to make some small changes in the way you see things and it will surely lead you to the happiness you were looking for. Virgo Go with your intuition as it will provide you the path that is right for you. You love to speak your mind, but this is not the time to practice this habit. Remember you need closure to move on in your life. Put a full stop on something that is broken. Libra You are sure about your partner and you have 100% confidence romantically. It’s time for you take the lead in your relationship and you will see love pouring on you. You will find the romance you always desire, but it will come from the most unexpected source.  Don’t be too hard on yourself and its certainly not the time to overthink. Scorpio Your intuition is right, and you must listen to whatever it is telling you. You should make sure you don’t indulge in any argument and make a minor issue a major one. You have never felt so comfortable about yourself, embrace this feeling and relish on this beautiful feeling. If things don’t seem right, its time for you to fix it. Sagittarius You had a tough time in past couple of months, this month has a brought some relief for you. You must focus on the things that matter the most. You need to calm down and shut the noise and chaos in your head. Stay focused and think big. Capricorn You will have to gather things and seal all the loose ends. It is the time for you to relax a bit, you don’t have to control everything. You must let go of the things that has been bothering you for long. In the end, if it has to happen it will happen, you don’t have to run behind it. Aquarius This is the month to make new friends, let more people in and you will see how they addon to your life. Its time to step ahead and grab the spotlight. It’s a great time for your both professionally as well as personally. Pisces This month you will have to focus on your finances, you will be in a fix and you may feel a bit confused about the happenings around you. Respect your values and others will follow you in doing so. Don’t panic, as you have time by your side.