The right jewellery for your zodiac sign

You must have heard about the saying, diamonds are women’s best friend. Well, there is no doubt about that. There are a few jewels which suits your zodiac sign and we will tell you about these jewels so grab a cup of coffee and read on. Aries Aries natives should go for red stones, it not only makes you look ravishing, but also fuels the fire in you. A red stone pendent is all that you need. Taurus Taurians are known for their stubborn behaviour, so a neck piece with customised stones is all you guys need. Sapphires are the preferred ones. Gemini Gemini natives a bright stone like citrine or agate are the stones that you need to keep up with your charming personality. Earrings with the bright stones will certainly enhance your ecstatic persona. Cancer These moonchildren can pick anything with a moonstone. Maybe a moonstone bracelet or earrings can serve the purpose for you. Leo Known for their pride and ego, what better can suit these lions than a ruby. A beautiful ruby is ring something you can donne anytime. Virgo The natives of this zodiac sign are best at communicating with anyone who comes their way, they are tied to mercury. Any semi-precious stone in a bracelet or a gold chain will keep Virgos going. Libra They are always looking for balance in their life, so any water stone in a ring or bracelet will be good for the Libra natives. Scorpio A natural stone like coral is something that you need to stabilize the sting caused by the scorpion bite. A handmade pendent that is close to your heart is all that you need to be happy and going. Sagittarius The natives of this zodiac sign need some protective stone like a purple stone, that protects them from any situation under any circumstance. Capricorn Capricorn natives should wear heart stones like emeralds and aventurine. A bracelet or neck piece with these stones can keep you going. Aquarius Any jewellery braced with opal is the right jewellery for you. Be it a ring, necklace r pendent you just need that opal on your body. Pisces Pisces natives the only thing you need on your body as jewel is a rose quartz, it will help you to nurture your love for self more.