The secret of your break-up

You must have heard the song “We Found Love in a hopeless place”, well this song is quite apt for many of us. We always find love when we are certainly not looking for it. We all have that light with in us that draws love towards us, it is pretty poetic how magic works around us and the one we love, but not all that begins well ends well. Yes, we are talking about the heart breaks you face and the break-ups that you have to go through. This is how your zodiac sign responds to a break-up: - Aries Aries is a powerful zodiac sign, they are emotional and passionate lovers. They don’t take no for an answer. So, when you are calling it quits with an Aries native, make sure its in a private place, after all you don’t want any kind of emotional drama in front of the world. Taurus Taurus natives are the practical ones, so when you break-up with your Taurus bae know you explain everything to them rationally and have a plan that is practical enough to allure them. Gemini Gemini natives love to talk their way out. When you break-up with your Gemini partner you can expect some long chats where you will find yourself doing all the listening and trust us or not they will try to make situations in their favour with their exquisite words. Cancer These crabs can be pretty knaggy when it comes to the matter of heart. You will certainly have a hard time saying bye to Cancer natives. You will have to explain the situation to them and run as quickly as you can. Leo Their pride is something they bask on, if you tell a Leo that you are calling it quits it may not go down well with them. They are egoistic, and you will be hurting their fragile ego by dropping this news. They may even try to tell you that you will never find someone like them. Virgo It is never easy to break a Virgo’s heart, after all they are so perfect. They remember everything and will give you glimpses of some beautiful memories you guys had together. Take them to some private place and end it as soon as possible, do not stretch the process. Libra They like attention, if you are going to break their heart do it when they are charmed by you and when they are in good mood try to make them understand, things are not right within you guys. Scorpio Call it quits in a private place, well this is highly recommended. They are not someone you can easily leave. If they show you, you meant nothing to them, there are chances that they don’t want you to go from deep down their heart. Sagittarius Breaking-up with a sage will be a cake walk, if you just keep it simple and direct. They are all ears to you and they will certainly understand your dilemma. Capricorn Try to keep it as low key with them as possible, as Capricorn natives are among those who doesn’t like to be criticized. They may take your rejection as criticism and can backfire on you. Aquarius Aquarius natives are quite easy going, they don’t mind if you break-up with them. You cannot just tell this news to them over a call or text. Meet them and explain to them what possibly didn’t work. Pisces Pisces might be a bit quieter than usual when you are breaking up with them. Do not be shocked, as they probably have a lot to say, but are just sorting their emotions and looking for holes in your argument while listening to you utter not so flattery words.