Traits that make you Annoying

You may know what your strengths are, but did you ever ponder about your weaknesses and how it affects the people around. There are chances that, your habits may leave people around you annoyed with you. Well, you don’t want that to happen, right? Here are the traits of every zodiac sign that makes the natives of these zodiac signs annoying: - Aries Annoying traits You shop till you drop, well ever heard of binge shopping? That is what you do. The moment you hear about any new product, you waste no time to bring it home. In the end you have too much stuff that you don’t even need. How to get rid of it Hold that urge, hide your credit card and do whatever it takes to stay away from the shopping centres. If at all you go there do not carry your credit card. Taurus Annoying traits You are stubborn as hell, even if you have whole world telling you, you are wrong. You will never believe them. How to get rid of it You don’t have to argue for everything, just listen to what others have to say. You may or may not agree, but just let it go. Gemini Annoying traits Gemini natives are party animals and they love the party going, in their house party never stops till its time for work the next day. How to get rid of it You will always be the life of the party whether you indulge in the quirky things or not, so avoid that indulgence. Cancer Annoying traits           We know you love your comforters and oversized clothes, but its time to say goodbye to them. How to get rid of it Before you die because of your oversized clothes and comforters, take our advice and the windows. Leo Annoying Traits You pricy Leos, anything with price tag and label on it fascinates you. Well, that may burn a hole in your pocket. How to get rid of it Shopping is a beautiful therapy, so try before you buy and if you really like it then only buy it. Virgo Annoying Traits You love the monotony in your life, if you like something you will buy it till the time you don’t get bored of it. How to get rid of it Change is good, but ever tried experimenting? If not, its time to experiment. Libra Annoying Traits You are obsessed with your make-u kit, you can never go wrong with your lipstick or mascara, but at time you overdo it. How to get rid of it Try to stay raw, you must know beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. You are beautiful in your own way. Scorpio Annoying traits You have a thing for deep dark shades, to the extent that you feel claustrophobic after a point. How to get rid of it Try going to the bright places, per say a beach or a well-lit restro. Sagittarius Annoying Traits You are the adventurous of the lot and you are always planning weekend getaways, have you ever tried staying back and just lazing at home? How to get rid of it Go oversize, try staying at home. It is something that will show you, your other side, which you may love. Capricorn Annoying Traits We know you love to shop and the only thing that gives you flowery dreams is sale. The moment you hear sale you are ready to buy anything and everything. How to get rid of it Go to your favourite store, see what you want, try it and then buy. Aquarius Annoying traits  Plans and you are poles apart, we understand you like to plan things and do things as per your needs. How to get rid of it Its time to look at the calendar, after all little bit of planning never harmed anyone. Pisces Annoying Traits You love the drama, though you are sympathetic, but you sure like to hang around with drama queens, even though it drives you crazy at times. How to get rid of it Try to stay put, you can always start watching a series on Netflix.