Welcome to the season of Taurus

From April 20th the season of Taurus has begun, this season will be ruled by Venus, which will also symbolise fertility and abundance. Taurus is generally associated with the lord Hapis, an Egyptian god, who took the bull for to create a balance between the earthy world and the divine. Bulls are considered to be the most powerful and highly fertile, that’s the reason why the animal was considered as the symbol of the King. When you look at this animal, you will know the divine message it gives to the world by providing the human beings with meat and milk, well that defines quite a lot about the Taurus season. This monsoon you are supposed to keep a good balance between you low desires and your high aspirations to achieve what you want to. Do not allow laziness to take over your dreams. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself grounded and try to make the best out of this time that doesn’t seem to pass. There is no need to feel guilty about anything and about anyone, you don’t owe anyone anything. This Taurus season let your guilt be a thing of past. There is huge difference between what you actually do and what the universe conspires for you. Try to see things from eyes of your heart, as your instincts will never let you down. You will have to keep yourself fit and healthy, as you will not be able to focus on important matters if you are struggling with your body. You need a healthy body to have a healthy mind. Welcome the positivity to the quarter. After all its all in your head and that would be the last thing you want to lose this Taurus season. You have all the answers, you will just have to look deep to find the clarity you were yearning for.