What if, you Zodiac Sign was a coffee order

It is generally said that, a lot can happen over a cup of coffee. Similarly, your coffee order can tell a lot about you. If you are wondering how? Read on. Aries The natives of this Zodiac sign are like the triple shot latte in a can, Rams can’t wait for anything be it their coffee or anything else. For the natives of this zodiac sign, they can take as must caffeine as possible. Taurus Taurians are like cold brew iced coffee, they like it cool. They pay major attention on the presentation and bitter sweet taste of their beverage. Gemini Gemini natives are like flat white, a New Zealand expresso or milk is based coffee, suits Geminis the best. It is trendy and flavourful, and this is what they need. Cancer They just like that steamy hot chocolate, they are not a big fan of caffeine so they can just manage with a shot of hot chocolate. Leo You guys are like the latte, they love art and anything that they can quickly upload in Instagram. Virgo They are like Do It Yourself Coffee, who needs a coffee shop when you can make your coffee simply at home. These also shows how much Virgos love their home. Libra The natives of this Zodiac Sign are like, coffee and latte, Libras love options and are happy to order multiple drinks so they can pick and choose at their table. Well, that is their favourite job. Scorpio They are like a shot of espresso, Scorpios need intense, bold flavours and a good pour nothing mild will ever fascinate them. Sagittarius Sags are like black coffee with a pinch of cinnamon, clear yet strong. Capricorn They are like Mocha, they are mystic and a bit more than a hot chocolate, but intense as hell. Aquarius The natives of this zodiac sign are like Turmeric latte, sweet, strong and effective par imagination. Pisces They are like Rose Tea, sweet, soothing and can contribute to mood and physical well being.