What your Weekend Lovescope looks like

If your Love Life has hit a rough patch or you are facing some issues with your partner, then things may seem a tad bit better. This is how your love life looks like this weekend: - Aries There is a difference between confidence and over confidence. You must know that its good to be confident, but you must keep your pride aside and listen to what others have to say. Taurus You are craving some fun and drama in your life and this weekend will give you exactly that. This week will be full of drama when it comes to your love life. Gemini Honesty is the key to any successful relationship, be honest to your partner and you will see love bloom all over again. Cancer Life doesn’t give second chance to everyone, this weekend your life will offer you a second chance to reconcile your love for those you left behind. Leo All those old ideas will go out of the window and you will think something out of the box, which will surprise your partner. It will show them, that you care, and their presence means the world to you. Virgo Don’t keep your thoughts to yourself, your partner has all the rights to know what is going in your head. Open up to your partner and they will also reciprocate in the same manner. Libra Your relationship with your partner may have hit the rough patch, this weekend will ease the tension. This weekend you will see your coming out of the grey zone. Scorpio Who said work cannot be fun? Work seems just perfect reason to go on a date with your partner. This weekend an official meeting can turn into a date night. Sagittarius You feel at the top of the world and this reflects in your relationship with your partner. You are in a happy mood this weekend and handle things with ease. Capricorn You feel vulnerable and things aren’t going your way. You will have gather your emotions and stay strong during the tough times. Aquarius Talking is not your forte, but this you will have to talk. You will have to let him/her know what he/she means to you. Do this pal, before it’s too late. Pisces Keep your friends close this weekend, they are the guiding force and they will guide you towards the one you have been longing for.