Your Life This Week

The month of April has already begun and many of you must be speculating how your coming days would be in this month. Here are the predictions for each day of the week from 9th April to 15th April: - 9th April 2018 On this day, you guys will have to accept the obstacles that come your way. An Aries sun squares with the Capricorn moon before this moon goes to the Aquarius. It will a day full of high voltage drama and difficulty. There will a time in this day when you may feel, you are not achieving what you truly deserve. 10th April 2018 When Mars trines with Venus, you must know its an amazing time for you especially when you are in a relationship. You romantic will be a blooming one on this day. Don’t overthink about what is happening or what is going to happen, just embrace the beauty of being close to each other. 11th April 2018 Time to accept the bitter truth. You must know this will be a hard day. On this day Sun squares with Pluto and this will make many of us feel uncertain about almost everything under the sun. It will be a rough day at work, but the good part of the day its just one day and you know it will pass. 12th April 2018 Venus will be playing all the games on this day. May be you are in a mood to talk to your partner, but he/she may not be in the same mood as Venus has already cast its spell on them. You must know Venus does not want you to commit anything to anyone, be it in a relationship or marriage. 13th April 2018 Well, its Friday the 13th. Moon is swinging between Pisces and Aries. This is a tough day for you, avoid starting anything new personally or professionally. It may not be an exciting day, but it will just another day of your life, you will have to let it pass. 14th April 2018 Its an Aries new moon, on this day you will look forward to your future. This new moon is all set to spread the aura. This day is best stay home and do some catching up with friends and family. 15th April 2018 On this day Mercury goes direct, this is the day for which everyone on earth was waiting for. Its time for you take sigh of relief, buy some electronic gadgets and stay focused. Be careful about whatever you do on this day.