Zodiac Signs and their Guardian Angels

You have angels watching your back, so next time you are in trouble just remember then and they will surely help you. Aries Aries natives, the guardian angel of your zodiac sign is Malahidael it shows courage. Your angel basks on the energy it gets from Sun and uses it to provide strength and optimism to the natives of this Zodiac Sign during their tough times. Taurus The guardian angel of this Zodiac Sign is Asmodel, it signifies patience. Asmodel helps the Taurus natives to be calm, cautious and practical, so if you are not feeling these emotions try calling Asmodel for help and it will show you the right path. Gemini Ambriel the angel of communication is the guardian angel of this zodiac sign. When you want to have clear thoughts and hope, call your guardian angel and it will provide you the ray of hope you were looking for. Cancer Cancer natives, Muriel is the guardian angel, it is like the mother nature. So, whenever you get the earthy fragrance, know that you are being watched by your guardian angel. This angel makes you a sensitive, emotional and extremely caring human being. When you want some sensitivity, call your angel Muriel. Leo Leo natives Verchiel is your Guardian Angel and it provides you the confidence you need to flourish in your life. When you feel lost, disappointed and depressed call your Guardian angel it will come to your rescue. Virgo Virgos your Guardian angel is Hamaliel, it is the angel of logic. Whenever you feel that you are losing your mind, you can call your guardian angel for some peace of mind. This angel will meet you once in human form. So, if you meet someone with these qualities know this is your angel. Libra The Guardian angel of this zodiac sign is Zuriel, Zuriel is the angel of harmony. When you feel empty your angel will make you realize your worth. This angel makes you feel passionate about yourself and the happenings around you. You are allowed to take small risks, as your Guardian angel watches over you. Scorpio Scorpios the Guardian angel of your zodiac sign is Barbiel, this angel rules the underworld. Just like the natives of this zodiac sign this angel is a perfect balance of dark and light. This angel helps you to be honest and thoughtful. Whenever you doubt your capabilities call your Guardian Angel for help. Sagittarius Adnachiel is the Guardian angel for Sags, it makes them realize what they need in life to make their desires and wishes would come true. Your Guardian Angel helps you to accept new things and cope up with the change that comes your way. Capricorn When you feel stuck call your Guardian Angel Hanael and it will help you to move forward. Your Guardian angel reminds you to trust your intuition and follow your heart. Aquarius The Guardian angel of this Zodiac Sign is Uriel, when you are in middle of some crises, or afraid of something call your angel and it will come to help you. If you believe in your angel, your will make you see your full potential. Pisces Barakiel is your Guardian angel Pisces natives. This Guardian influences the humans more than any other angel. It imparts you, empathy and sympathy. When someone you care about or you are not feeling safe, secure call your Guardian Angel for help.