Posted on: 11/10/2018

Everyone, no matter the age, wants to be a hero who saves the day. Even while growing up, whenever we were asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?”, most of us replied Batman or Iron Man or Wonder Woman. Don’t sweat! We have a solution to your dilemma. Even though, our favorite superheroes never had a defined date of birth, based on their traits, we have categorized our beloved heroes into zodiac signs. Check out which superhero are you according to your Zodiac Sign. Thor - Aries (March 21st – April 19th) The most confident, strong and impulsive characters in the Marvel Universe is Thor. If you are an Arian as well, you would be able to relate to him. Thor is the son of Odin from Asgard, which makes him a natural-born leader. He is extremely athletic and is always beaming with energy. He believes in honesty when it comes to any kind of relationship, be it his equation with the warriors-three or the love of his life, Jane Foster. So, grab your hammer and take on the world with the leadership quality all Arians are born with. Dr. Strange – Taurus (April 20th – May 20th) Taurus is the sign of the bull and rightly so, because they are exceptionally hard-working and dependable. Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange is the ideal Taurus. He is the most head-strong character in all of Marvel Universe. His focused and resilient approach to his finding a cure for his paralysis has left most of us awestruck time and time again. He is extraordinarily ambitious about his career and equally loyal in matters of heart, but he is still stubborn and is not easily deterred. Firestorm – Gemini (May 21st – June 20th) When we think about Geminis, their ambivalence is the first trait that comes to mind. Who fits the bill better than our very own Firestorm from the DC Universe. Firestorm is the best portrayal of polarity in opinions and ideas. On one hand, we have Dr. Martin Stein who symbolizes intelligence and practicality, whereas, on the other hand, there is Ronnie Raymond, whose character defines ferocity, rigidity and agility. Together, they portray the dominant forces that can take-on the bad guys by their throats. This inconsistency is what we love about Geminis. The Flash – Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd) One of the most emotional of all zodiac signs is the Cancerian. It’s all about the family and loved ones for the crab, which is why, The Flash is our choice as a Cancerian. He is extremely protective about his family and helpful towards all those who need him. Barry Allen is his own worst critic. This makes him intuitive at times, since he thinks things through, but there is a hidden side to this speedster. No-one is as witty and funny as The Flash. Needless to say, he is quick on his feet and agility is one of his greatest strengths. Iron Man – Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd) The pride of the Marvel Universe is everyone’s beloved Iron Man. Like all lions, he is fearless and smug. This is why, he is our pick as the ideal Leo. Tony Stark is highly opinionated as well as ambitious. He likes things done his way. His character defines charisma and drama. The Iron Man, as always, is the heart and soul of any crowd. It’s impossible to imagine The Avengers without him. Captain America – Virgo (August 23rd – September 22nd) Captain America, also known as Steve Rogers, is the Virgin in the house. Virgo, being an Earth sign, have a very deep-rooted and conservative foundation. They believe in an orderly and efficient approach to everything. When it comes to relationships, Virgos are one of the most loyal signs. Steve Rogers works harder than most and is usually over-critical about his ideas and opinions, but his ability to see the good in everyone is what makes him a heartthrob. Daredevil – Libra (September 23rd – October 22nd) If you are a Libra, then you would relate to the Daredevil, Matt Murdock. Being a lawyer, justice reigns supreme on his mind at all times. When the law doesn’t uphold justice, he takes matters in his hands by dawning the mask of a vigilante. Libras like balance in their lives. It is of utmost importance to them. It holds true for the Daredevil as well. Whenever, he feels like the situation is getting out of hand, he makes it a point to talk things through. He likes to act like a lone wolf but does equally well in a pack. In addition to the balance that a Libra requires, he is also cheerful and fun around his loved ones. Katana – Scorpio (October 23rd – November 21st) When we think of Scorpions, the first thing that comes to mind is their impenetrable nature. They are highly secretive which makes them very fascinating to the rest of us. Nobody is more apt than Katana as a Scorpion. She’s an intense fighter and is really light on her feet with her moves. She became a samurai warrior to avenge the death of her husband and kids, which proves that she is vengeful as well. Being a true Scorpio, she has mastered repressing her emotions. This gives her an edge over her enemies. Supergirl – Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 21st) Superman’s younger cousin, Kara Zor-El, better known as Supergirl, befits the description of a Sagittarius. Like every teen, she is curious about everything. She has the zeal to over-step boundaries and fight for what she believes in. She goes looking for new adventures every day and has a very optimistic approach to life and the hurdles it throws at us. She is rarely afraid to speak her mind and can be a little too blunt at times. Sagittarians have an aura about them that is pleasing to most people, which goes without saying in case of Supergirl. Batman – Capricorn (December 22nd – January 19th) Leadership is the most significant trait of a Capricorn. Who is a better leader than Batman himself? His ability to view every situation with a constructive and logical lens is noteworthy. He, like a true Capricorn, has the propensity to device the perfect plan with precise and calculated patience to defeat his enemies. His aura gives off a pioneer-like vibes. His responsible nature is the reason why the Justice League depends on him to catch them when they fall. Superman – Aquarius (January 20th – February 18th) Aquarians have always been the trend-setters in the real world. The superhero version would be none other than Superman. He strongly believes that there is still a lot of hope left in the world. His choices, occasionally, make him seem naïve but his self-less nature has always managed to melt hearts. Moreover, he is an intelligent visionary who knows what he is doing and always finds a way, no matter how difficult the circumstances are. It goes without saying that like Superman, Aquarians are well-liked in their social circle. Wonder Woman – Pisces (February 19th – March 20th) ”Beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, strong as Hercules and swift as Hermes”. These analogies are used to describe the Wonder Woman. Oh! boy, this is apt because it holds true for all the Pisceans in general. She is a perfect mix of strength and serenity. Her compassion for mankind was proven when she came to the mainland from Themyscira to help those who were tormented by the enemies of peace. She is one of the wisest members of the Justice League next to Batman, of course. However, sometimes even she can be too idealistic, but her intuition is what gives her an upper-hand in the fight for justice.

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There are many people who get worried about the dark days, which are going to come when a bad planet visits their Zodiac Sign. After all, bad planets can actually take a toll on your aspiration, but fret not, as we will tell you how ditch the dark days that may come your way. By the end of the month of September, all the infamous planets will be visiting one Zodiac Sign. The planets like Pluto, Saturn and Mars will move from the retrograde to the Zodiac Sign Capricorn. Two among the above-mentioned planets are considered malefic, as per the new age astrologers. As per Astrology and many astrologers across the globe planets like Pluto, Mars and Saturn bring up such situations which you would not like to face. Like every planet in Astrology Mars also has way more to offer than you think. Mars is certainly the Roman God Of War and when you cannot push your way through you see the dark side of Mars, that is Anger. We would suggest you to control your anger no matter what happens and you will be able to control this uncontrollable bull. Saturn is generally considered as another name for obstacles. You should never forget that, these obstacles provide you the strength that you will require to stay firm. He is the obstacle that becomes the foundation for your growth and flexibility. There is no real evolution without Saturn, but we often want to grow a lot faster than it does, which brings the unwanted hassle. Pluto represents the deepest side of a person and it is a new entry in the above-mentioned list. You may feel worthless or depressed due to this planet, but he helps you push yourself and come out clean as a winner. It is the guiding light towards the purpose you require in life.

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Be it men or women Zodiac Sign influences everyone’s character and here we will tell you, how yiur Zodiac Sign influences you, if you are a man. Aries Men These men crave a lot of attention, as they are always number one and they will never tolerate anything that comes in the way of their achievement. Taurus Men They may look tough, but not to forget the ruled by Venus, which makes them the bearer of a soft loving heart. These bulls will rather prefer to cook a meal for their lady love, than to go and wrestle in the ring. Gemini Men Gemini Men are witty as hell, they are charismatic, but don’t get lured by what they show you. They are uncanny and can be confusion at times. Cancer Men You will never get to know what is going on in a Cancerian Man’s heart and mind. They are full of contradictions. They are emotional, but only those will see their emotional side, who have a place in their heart. Leo Men Leo Men never back down in comes to hogging the spot light. They may seem nonchalant, but their roar will be enough to make you fall off your seat. Virgo Men They are blessed with wits and be it Virgo Men or Virgo Women, the thing you will notice among these guys is, they are on a mission to clean and things tidy around them. They love to stay in a peaceful environment. Libra Men Libra Men are extremely witty, charming and most look deadly hot, but they are hard to catch and harder to keep. Scorpio Men Scorpio Men are popularly known as the bad boys of the zodiac and they certainly live up to the expectation of what is being told about them. They may seem to be hardnut to crack, but you never find a warm man like these. Sagittarius Men They love to go on adventurous trips, these men are charming and cheerful. They are always ready to do something Fun and out of the box. Capricorn Men You may think you don’t know what these men are upto, as they always build high icy walls around them. If you are really adamant to know what these men are like, then your efforts may prove fruitful. Aquarius Men Aquarius Men have a captivating personality, which can be often confusing. They make people curious, but only handful of people know what these men truly are. Pisces Men Pisces Men are born poets. They have the mystic ability to put their feelings in words. They are not very fond of small conversations, as they believe in diving deep to find the pearl.

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The month of June has just begun, and you must be curious to know what this month has in store for you. Here are June predictions for each zodiac sign. Aries You will in a mood to socialise with friends and family. You will also want to spend some quality time at home instead of going out and getting stuck in traffic. You will find yourself spending sometime at your backyard. Taurus This month will make your wealthy, by adding zeros to your bank balance. An extremely tempting offer may come your way, but you will have to use your wits and say no to it, if your are not sure about it. Gemini You will be busy with your personal affairs this month and the things that require your attention. You will solve a long withstanding issue this month. Cancer You will be in a mood to spend sometime with your family and friends, use these meeting to build reputation among your pals. Someone will show romantic interest in you, but don’t move too fast with it. Leo This month you will be fearless and fly your way out of any problem. Do what you do best and yu will surely charm the people around you. You may not have a lot of heart to heart conversations, but you need not worry about it. Virgo Your intuitions are right and they are showing you the path towards what is correct for you. Analyse things around you and you will what it takes to be in the right place. You need to finish certain things at work and use your enthusiasm to do the touch-up work. Libra Your mind may be going around the globe, but you will have to calm down and hold your horses. Keep your mind in place, eventually everything will be just fine. Scorpio This month will provide the opportunity to take some time off and think about the things that matter the most to you. Sagittarius You are full of emotions, love is in the air and you will certain have an encounter with your special someone. You are a generous being and being generous doesn’t make you weak. Know your worth and don’t let others use you. Capricorn Your standards will meet your expectations this month, you know what you deserve, and you must ask for it, if you don’t get it. There is a special someone making their way to your like. Aquarius Make them believe that, you are the one they were waiting for. Surprise them and put some efforts to make your partner understand, how lucky they are to have you in their life. Pisces You expect too much from the people around you, this month you will have to expect less in your romantic relationship and embrace the beauty of being in love. This will make you see the fragile, sweet and mesmerising side of Love.    

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If your Love Life has hit a rough patch or you are facing some issues with your partner, then things may seem a tad bit better. This is how your love life looks like this weekend: - Aries There is a difference between confidence and over confidence. You must know that its good to be confident, but you must keep your pride aside and listen to what others have to say. Taurus You are craving some fun and drama in your life and this weekend will give you exactly that. This week will be full of drama when it comes to your love life. Gemini Honesty is the key to any successful relationship, be honest to your partner and you will see love bloom all over again. Cancer Life doesn’t give second chance to everyone, this weekend your life will offer you a second chance to reconcile your love for those you left behind. Leo All those old ideas will go out of the window and you will think something out of the box, which will surprise your partner. It will show them, that you care, and their presence means the world to you. Virgo Don’t keep your thoughts to yourself, your partner has all the rights to know what is going in your head. Open up to your partner and they will also reciprocate in the same manner. Libra Your relationship with your partner may have hit the rough patch, this weekend will ease the tension. This weekend you will see your coming out of the grey zone. Scorpio Who said work cannot be fun? Work seems just perfect reason to go on a date with your partner. This weekend an official meeting can turn into a date night. Sagittarius You feel at the top of the world and this reflects in your relationship with your partner. You are in a happy mood this weekend and handle things with ease. Capricorn You feel vulnerable and things aren’t going your way. You will have gather your emotions and stay strong during the tough times. Aquarius Talking is not your forte, but this you will have to talk. You will have to let him/her know what he/she means to you. Do this pal, before it’s too late. Pisces Keep your friends close this weekend, they are the guiding force and they will guide you towards the one you have been longing for.  

Posted on: 30/05/2018

This will be a week full of emotions and it is the week that with shake you emotionally, you will experience some unhindered raw emotions. Aries You have got a new emotional high in your life, you want to explore new things and go for an adventurous trip this week. Well, you can plan weekend getaway with you family or friends. Taurus Your emotions are in full swing this week, you will not be in a position to figure out what is right or wrong with you. You need to keep an eye on your emotions and hold them tight, otherwise it may happen that you get carried away. Gemini It’s a great week to workout things, you can put your all your stacked-up things in place. Tuesday is the day for you, do all the necessary things you have been putting on hold on this day. Cancer You have big dreams in your eyes and you will do anything to make them come true. If you have been struggling to put your dreams to reality, then this will provide you the environment you were looking for. Leo Let bygones be bygones, this week you will have to let things go. Don’t allow the ghosts of your past haunt you. You will have to move on and start a fresh. This week you will get the opportunity go away from the thoughts and emotions that has been troubling you. Virgo You will go through an emotional break-out earlier this week. This is week you will be in romantic mood. Someone who fulfils all your romantic criteria will walk into your life. Libra This week don’t get carried away with what people tell, you must analyse the situation before you react. You will have to measure your words because there are chances that, they may come and haunt you. Scorpio You will get an urge to overspend, but you will have to hold your horses and stop yourself from binge shopping. This will do you no good and whatever you buy this week, you may regret later looking at it. Sagittarius You feel larger than life this week, you are in a mood to express your emotions. This week you will brutally honest with the people around you. Let the World think what it wants, you are not the one who follows anyone’s lead. Capricorn In the beginning of this week you will have certain romantic encounters. If single, then this is the week when someone will come your way, you will just have to recognize them. Aquarius This week you will be in a mood to socialize, party hard and get let loose. It will be a lively week for you and you would love to go off limits. Pisces This week you will be in spotlight and you will get a lot of attention from the people around you. It is the week for you to go off board and make your emotions public.

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As we all know money cannot buy everything and best things in the world are free, so here is the list of things that you can do for these zodiac signs and make them feel special without spending a single penny. Aries A compliment is all that an Aries native need to make their day. You can make them feel super special by showering some compliments on them. Taurus Treat them like royalty, give them a hand or foot massage and it will be enough to bring smile on their face and destress them. Gemini The Gemini natives love to laugh out loud, a comedy movie marathon is all that you need to make them feel at the top of the world. Cancer These guys have a sweet tooth and giving them a jar full of homemade cookies. Hand them a jar full of handmade cookies and you will see them sparkling. Leo Accept it or not, the Leos love to dance. A kitchen disco session is all that you need to lighten their mood. Virgo Offer them help, they may not say it, but everyone needs help. So, just offer Virgo natives your helping hand and you will exist in their good books forever. Libra Libras are the colourful creatures and having a portrait painting session with the will be the best you can every give them. Scorpio They are the strong believers of Horoscope, Astrology and Tarot reading. Take them for Taro reading session and they will be your Best Friend Forever. Sagittarius Sags love travelling, a weekend getaway to some new city or town is all that they need to be happy. Capricorn They love themselves, they are always on the run. You will just have to tell them, that they are worth it. Aquarius Some spiritual session, that will give them mental peace and a vision to pursue in the near future is all that they need to stay happy. Pisces Pisces natives love to listen to the music. Spending some quality time with them listening to sentimental songs is all you need to win their fragile heart.  

Posted on: 16/05/2018

Did you ever go on binge beauty product shopping and felt guilty about doing the same? Guys! That’s not your fault. It’s the fault of your Zodiac Sign, as your Zodiac sign is the one that compels you to do such things. Here are the beauty weaknesses that each Zodiac Sign has and how you can cope up with them. Aries The major beauty issues what Aries natives face are the bad hair days, we understand your condition when your hair doesn’t look apt for a party or a gathering. Instead of shelling out a lot of money on hair pampering products, befriends with a stylist, who can fix your bad hair days as soon as possible. Taurus Are you afraid to smile, why won’t you be after all, you end up having lipstick on your teeth. The quick fix for you in such situations would be to ditch your crème-based lipsticks and go for super matte lip colours. Gemini Fed up of your chipped or bitten nails, the best fix to this problem is wearing some pretty nail polish. The moment your nails look beautiful, you will automatically stop biting them. Cancer You have sensitive stomach and bloating is a major issue with you folks. Go easy on the drinks and you can always sip some aerated drinks once you try to go hard on your poor stomach. Leo That dirty sun tan is something you always wanted to get rid of, instead of loading your wardrobe with a lot of beauty products, its better if you buy a good high SPF sun block. It will be the ultimate solution for all your problems. Virgo Genius is to know where to stop and you certainly forget that while applying make-up, stop over doing it. You are beautiful in your own way. Libra Pimples, black heads, white heads, well these are the problems you always go through. A bottle of water is solution to all your problems. Scorpio Skin eruptions are the major beauty issues that you face in day to day life. The best fix for this issue is yoga. Try breathing exercises and you will see the results. Sagittarius Stop binge eating, no pizza or burger etc. Try to keep your skin clean and say no all the junk you been eating lately. Capricorn You are obsessed with your teeth, or we should say your teeth stains. Try to clean your teeth at least 2-3 times a day, to keep away these stains. Aquarius Your ankles give you major troubles when they become puffy. In order to save yourself from puffy ankles, you can take long walks and get rid of this issue. Pisces You spend almost a fortune to get your pedicure done. Try some hot water and lemon, along with some comfortable kicks to get rid of the dead skin on your feet.    

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Many of us choose our vacation spot by going through some amazing pictures of your holiday, but did you know your star sign plays a pivotal role in deciding you vacation destination. Earth Signs (This belongs to Zodiac signs like Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo) The natives of these signs are earthy, grounded, and chilled-out, so your holiday destination should reflect just that. Nature-filled locations are the best options for you, you can go to locations like national parks, wind-swept beaches, and camping on the edge of the desert. If you are a Virgo native, then you may pick locations like Monument Valley, the famous national park found on the Arizona/Utah border. Air Signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the signs that belong to this Star Sign) Air signs are all about flow and ease. You can select your destinations that bring with them busy rhythms that will not only excite but challenge you too. Places where you will have to walk with a map in your, you can shop till you drop in the flea markets and then stand in long to cue to buy something you always yarned for. If you ask us, we would suggest its time you visit Asia. Fire Signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are the signs that belong to this Star Sign) The natives of these intense signs are intense too and they need a destination that matches their intensity. Bucket list experiences are the name of the game that the natives of these zodiac signs like to play. Plan a hike up Machu Picchu, a seven-day climb up Kilimanjaro, or a snowshoeing adventure through the Swiss Alps. That may sound too adventurous to you, but it will surely satisfy the thirst of adventure in you. Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are the signs that belong to this star sign) The natives of this zodiac sign are Intuitive and emotional, these folks run deep in that. You seek out for the destinations rich in art, culture, and romance. Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, is perfect for the creative creatures like the natives of these signs. From the grandeur of Brunelleschi’s red cathedral to Michelangelo’s breath-taking David to the little moments of beauty that greet you around every corner, Florence will fill your soul to the brim and you will feel more overwhelmed.              

Posted on: 09/05/2018

It is generally said that, a lot can happen over a cup of coffee. Similarly, your coffee order can tell a lot about you. If you are wondering how? Read on. Aries The natives of this Zodiac sign are like the triple shot latte in a can, Rams can’t wait for anything be it their coffee or anything else. For the natives of this zodiac sign, they can take as must caffeine as possible. Taurus Taurians are like cold brew iced coffee, they like it cool. They pay major attention on the presentation and bitter sweet taste of their beverage. Gemini Gemini natives are like flat white, a New Zealand expresso or milk is based coffee, suits Geminis the best. It is trendy and flavourful, and this is what they need. Cancer They just like that steamy hot chocolate, they are not a big fan of caffeine so they can just manage with a shot of hot chocolate. Leo You guys are like the latte, they love art and anything that they can quickly upload in Instagram. Virgo They are like Do It Yourself Coffee, who needs a coffee shop when you can make your coffee simply at home. These also shows how much Virgos love their home. Libra The natives of this Zodiac Sign are like, coffee and latte, Libras love options and are happy to order multiple drinks so they can pick and choose at their table. Well, that is their favourite job. Scorpio They are like a shot of espresso, Scorpios need intense, bold flavours and a good pour nothing mild will ever fascinate them. Sagittarius Sags are like black coffee with a pinch of cinnamon, clear yet strong. Capricorn They are like Mocha, they are mystic and a bit more than a hot chocolate, but intense as hell. Aquarius The natives of this zodiac sign are like Turmeric latte, sweet, strong and effective par imagination. Pisces They are like Rose Tea, sweet, soothing and can contribute to mood and physical well being.

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Numbers isn’t about Math or Physics always, it can be about your life too. Numbers do play a crucial role in your role and this entire domain is called numerology. Numerology is certainly a major part of Astrology and Horoscope. It won’t be wrong to say that, astrology, horoscope and zodiac signs will be incomplete without this pivotal part called Numerology. It time to know how these mere numbers tell us about our future or for that matter anything about our life. Do not underestimate the power of numbers, as they can predict your future and tell you about your strengths and weaknesses, by just seeing the date of your birth and time. Numerology is an undying believe in a mysterious connection between the numbers and happenings in your life. It basically focuses on the relation between numbers, letters, words, names and ideas. This is generally considered as a part of horoscope as it tells you about the numbers that can predict your future and it gives you a brief idea about your past as well as present. Numerology can be considered as a branch of astrology or you can also say, that astrology is incomplete without numerology. Numerology also tells you how numbers effect your career, love, relationships and family life. This is the domain that provides you a numerical equation for all your questions. It also makes you aware of your ruling number and its connection to your natal chart and how their relation influences the major happenings in your life. Numerology also tells you about the powers your numbers impart to you, how they affect your life on a long run. It also gives you an in-depth knowledge about the dependency of your life on numbers. According to numerology, your life-path number is the most powerful number and this number is determined by birth date, which enlightens about you as an individual. Your date of birth also makes you aware about the hidden aspects of your personality, behaviour, nature and its influence on your personal and professional life in the coming days.  

Posted on: 07/05/2018

You must be aware about various planets, sun, moon and stars, but did it ever get to you that why these celestial bodies exist in universe. May be till now you didn’t think about this, so why not understand the purpose these celestial bodies serve and how their existence and movements effect our life… ALL THE TWELVE ZODIAC SIGNS The zodiac is a particular area in the sky that is influenced by sun, moon and all the planets, it is affected by the movement of Sun, Moon and planets. Zodiac mainly consists of 12 signs that are Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces The word Zodiac comes from Ancient Greece, which means the circle of animals and it came into usage in Roman Era. It finds its roots in Hellenistic astronomy and Babylonian astronomy. If you closely notice all the 12 zodiac they resemble some or the other animals. The modern zodiac sign consists of 12 signs, which represents the constellations and not the tropical signs. Each Zodiac sign means something, they are represented by various symbols and have definite positions. Aries is represented by the Ram Taurus is represented by the Bull Gemini is indicated by Twins Cancer is represented by the crab Leo is indicated by the Lion Virgo is represented by the Maiden Libra is represented by the Scales Scorpio is represented by The Scorpion Sagittarius is indicated by The Archer Capricorn is symbolized by The Goat Aquarius is represented by The Water-Bearer Pisces is symbolized by The Fish And all these signs are considered as the spine of modern horoscope and astrology. Zodiac Signs certainly tell you about your life, your past life, your Karma and the things you should and should not consider for the betterment of your Future.  Your Zodiac Sign will always guide you towards a safer option in life, you will just have to follow the signs your zodiac gives you.      

Posted on: 04/05/2018

We all like some or the other form of Exercise, so let’s find out which workout plan suits your Zodiac Sign the most: - Aries You have always loved watching various sports, but the best workout that will help you stay healthy and fit is cycling. It will not only make your body as well as heart strong, you will certainly be overwhelmed after doing this workout. Taurus The native symbol of this Zodiac Sign is a bull and just like the animal, the natives of this zodiac sign love being in contact with the mother nature. Going for a early morning walk or an evening jog is all you need to keep yourself healthy and going. Gemini Ever heard about Acroyoga? If you don’t know about this form of exercise its time you google it, as you will have to practice it in order to maintain your mental and physical wellbeing. Cancer The natives of this Zodiac Sign require peace of mind and meditation can help you manifold in achieving it. Try Yoga and meditation for a healthier body. Leo You are required to do some hopping and jumping, what can be better than Zumba or Dancing to release some happy hormones. Virgo You are supposed to do any exercise that incorporates a lot of stretching and balancing, well what can be better than Pilates. Pilates will help tone your whole body. Libra Any sport, where you get to meet a lot of people is good for you. You are blessed with good metabolism and playing any sport with your pals will only shoot up your metabolism and will help you to stay fit. Scorpio You are strong, and you like to do anything that is result oriented. Boxing is all that you need to keep yourself healthy and strong. Sagittarius You like cocktails not only during parties, but during your workout sessions too. So, a cocktail of spinning, running and yoga will keep you healthy and fit. Capricorn A perfect combo of cardio and Pilates is all you need, to keep yourself healthy and fit. Just be dedicated towards your workout and you will see the results in no time. Aquarius People run for fun and you run feel the best about yourself. You are required to do group running sessions like marathons to stay fit, doing any workout alone doesn’t interest you much. Pisces You guys are water babies and any exercise that includes water is good for you. Swimming or Aqua Zumba, any one of them will provide you, your desired body.    

Posted on: 02/05/2018

The holiday season is around the corner and we all have some or the other Holiday tradition, but did you know your holiday tradition is influenced by your Zodiac Sign too. Here are the various zodiac signs and their effects on your holiday tradition: - Aries You love to spend time with your friends and family, so what can be better than a party. Your favourite holiday tradition is partying. Taurus Your most favourite holiday tradition is to treat yourself with a pie, cake or a pastry. You just love to have a solo cocktail party. Gemini You are one of those who thoroughly enjoys drunken makeout sessions. Gemini natives are sensual ones and they love to makeout when drunk. Cancer You love to have greens around you, that’s the reason your holiday tradition is buying a tree. Leo You just cannot get enough gifts, you love to gift others and yourself the things that bring a smile on your face. Virgo Chocolates are the key to your heart and your typical holiday tradition is to have some hot chocolate, well don’t forget to put some marshmallows. Libra Libra natives like their cozy, comfy bed and they are drawn towards good fragrance. You like to surround yourself with scented candles. Scorpio You like to listen to music, it goes without saying that you have piles of music records with you. Swaying with the tunes of a soothing song is what your holiday tradition looks like. Sagittarius Travelling is something which always keeps you motivated and going. Well, that’s the reason your best holiday tradition is to travel. You can travel till the time you are nit tired. Capricorn Your Holiday tradition is to put on your comfy, cosy, Christmassy pyjamas. You see them as your best holiday buddies. Aquarius Your friends are your strength, you always love to spend some quality time with your old buddies and that is your unchanging holiday tradition. Pisces You love ginger bread, watching your favourite movie with some ginger bread and coffee is all you need for a perfect holiday.  

Posted on: 01/05/2018

You have angels watching your back, so next time you are in trouble just remember then and they will surely help you. Aries Aries natives, the guardian angel of your zodiac sign is Malahidael it shows courage. Your angel basks on the energy it gets from Sun and uses it to provide strength and optimism to the natives of this Zodiac Sign during their tough times. Taurus The guardian angel of this Zodiac Sign is Asmodel, it signifies patience. Asmodel helps the Taurus natives to be calm, cautious and practical, so if you are not feeling these emotions try calling Asmodel for help and it will show you the right path. Gemini Ambriel the angel of communication is the guardian angel of this zodiac sign. When you want to have clear thoughts and hope, call your guardian angel and it will provide you the ray of hope you were looking for. Cancer Cancer natives, Muriel is the guardian angel, it is like the mother nature. So, whenever you get the earthy fragrance, know that you are being watched by your guardian angel. This angel makes you a sensitive, emotional and extremely caring human being. When you want some sensitivity, call your angel Muriel. Leo Leo natives Verchiel is your Guardian Angel and it provides you the confidence you need to flourish in your life. When you feel lost, disappointed and depressed call your Guardian angel it will come to your rescue. Virgo Virgos your Guardian angel is Hamaliel, it is the angel of logic. Whenever you feel that you are losing your mind, you can call your guardian angel for some peace of mind. This angel will meet you once in human form. So, if you meet someone with these qualities know this is your angel. Libra The Guardian angel of this zodiac sign is Zuriel, Zuriel is the angel of harmony. When you feel empty your angel will make you realize your worth. This angel makes you feel passionate about yourself and the happenings around you. You are allowed to take small risks, as your Guardian angel watches over you. Scorpio Scorpios the Guardian angel of your zodiac sign is Barbiel, this angel rules the underworld. Just like the natives of this zodiac sign this angel is a perfect balance of dark and light. This angel helps you to be honest and thoughtful. Whenever you doubt your capabilities call your Guardian Angel for help. Sagittarius Adnachiel is the Guardian angel for Sags, it makes them realize what they need in life to make their desires and wishes would come true. Your Guardian Angel helps you to accept new things and cope up with the change that comes your way. Capricorn When you feel stuck call your Guardian Angel Hanael and it will help you to move forward. Your Guardian angel reminds you to trust your intuition and follow your heart. Aquarius The Guardian angel of this Zodiac Sign is Uriel, when you are in middle of some crises, or afraid of something call your angel and it will come to help you. If you believe in your angel, your will make you see your full potential. Pisces Barakiel is your Guardian angel Pisces natives. This Guardian influences the humans more than any other angel. It imparts you, empathy and sympathy. When someone you care about or you are not feeling safe, secure call your Guardian Angel for help.                                                                                              

Posted on: 27/04/2018

The more you know about your partner, the better it is. Here are some of the sexy traits you must know about your partner: - Aries Aries are always the head, they like to be at the top of the game. Aries natives are control freak and this trait makes them the most vulnerable of the lot. Run your hand gently on their head and you may see them calming down. Taurus Aggressive by nature, Taurus natives are never in the mood to waste time. They like to finish things fast, so probably a long walk or conversation over a coffee is all that you need to see your Taurian partner’s sexy side. Gemini Gemini natives are obsessed with arms, if you have failed to notice those attractive arms of your Gemini partner, then now is the time to give them some compliment. Hold your Gemini partner by arm and they will always be yours. Cancer Holding hands, that is what you are supposed to with your Cancer partner. They have beautiful fingers and you must embrace them with love and affection. Leo Leos are known for their pride and ego, they have a swollen chest. So, if you want to woo your Leo partner, then the only thing you got to do is run your fingers on their chest. Virgo Virgos are known for their flawless skin. That glowing being you see around you that is surely a Virgo native. Just caressing their smooth skin is all you need to do, to turn them on. Libra Mostly, born with dimple of Venus, the natives of this zodiac sign are obsessed with lower back. If you want to attract your Libra partner, the only thing you need to do is touch their lower back gently. Scorpio The Scorpio natives love the feeling that power provides them, they seek power from most of their actions. Anything loose won’t grab their attention, you have to do something strong which will show them you have the power they crave for. Sagittarius Sags are obsessed with the fragrance around them, if you see someone binge buying soaps or perfumes you must know they are lovely Sagittarius natives. If you want to impress sags then you must gift them intoxicating perfume. Capricorn Capricorn natives are known to have well built sexy legs, if you are planning to break the ice then compliment their beautiful legs and they are all yours. Aquarius Aquarius and their love for shoes is something we all know about, just buy them a pair of heels and they will do whatever you ask them to. Well, they love pampering their toes, so you can take them for a pedicure session too. Pisces Aquarius natives are not the only one who gets wooed by pedicure, the sensual Pisces also love the feeling when someone touches their feet and pampers them. So, hurry up and take your Pisces partner for a pedicure session and they will undoubtedly love it.

Posted on: 24/04/2018

From April 20th the season of Taurus has begun, this season will be ruled by Venus, which will also symbolise fertility and abundance. Taurus is generally associated with the lord Hapis, an Egyptian god, who took the bull for to create a balance between the earthy world and the divine. Bulls are considered to be the most powerful and highly fertile, that’s the reason why the animal was considered as the symbol of the King. When you look at this animal, you will know the divine message it gives to the world by providing the human beings with meat and milk, well that defines quite a lot about the Taurus season. This monsoon you are supposed to keep a good balance between you low desires and your high aspirations to achieve what you want to. Do not allow laziness to take over your dreams. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself grounded and try to make the best out of this time that doesn’t seem to pass. There is no need to feel guilty about anything and about anyone, you don’t owe anyone anything. This Taurus season let your guilt be a thing of past. There is huge difference between what you actually do and what the universe conspires for you. Try to see things from eyes of your heart, as your instincts will never let you down. You will have to keep yourself fit and healthy, as you will not be able to focus on important matters if you are struggling with your body. You need a healthy body to have a healthy mind. Welcome the positivity to the quarter. After all its all in your head and that would be the last thing you want to lose this Taurus season. You have all the answers, you will just have to look deep to find the clarity you were yearning for.

Posted on: 20/04/2018

You must have heard about the saying, diamonds are women’s best friend. Well, there is no doubt about that. There are a few jewels which suits your zodiac sign and we will tell you about these jewels so grab a cup of coffee and read on. Aries Aries natives should go for red stones, it not only makes you look ravishing, but also fuels the fire in you. A red stone pendent is all that you need. Taurus Taurians are known for their stubborn behaviour, so a neck piece with customised stones is all you guys need. Sapphires are the preferred ones. Gemini Gemini natives a bright stone like citrine or agate are the stones that you need to keep up with your charming personality. Earrings with the bright stones will certainly enhance your ecstatic persona. Cancer These moonchildren can pick anything with a moonstone. Maybe a moonstone bracelet or earrings can serve the purpose for you. Leo Known for their pride and ego, what better can suit these lions than a ruby. A beautiful ruby is ring something you can donne anytime. Virgo The natives of this zodiac sign are best at communicating with anyone who comes their way, they are tied to mercury. Any semi-precious stone in a bracelet or a gold chain will keep Virgos going. Libra They are always looking for balance in their life, so any water stone in a ring or bracelet will be good for the Libra natives. Scorpio A natural stone like coral is something that you need to stabilize the sting caused by the scorpion bite. A handmade pendent that is close to your heart is all that you need to be happy and going. Sagittarius The natives of this zodiac sign need some protective stone like a purple stone, that protects them from any situation under any circumstance. Capricorn Capricorn natives should wear heart stones like emeralds and aventurine. A bracelet or neck piece with these stones can keep you going. Aquarius Any jewellery braced with opal is the right jewellery for you. Be it a ring, necklace r pendent you just need that opal on your body. Pisces Pisces natives the only thing you need on your body as jewel is a rose quartz, it will help you to nurture your love for self more.

Posted on: 20/04/2018

You may know what your strengths are, but did you ever ponder about your weaknesses and how it affects the people around. There are chances that, your habits may leave people around you annoyed with you. Well, you don’t want that to happen, right? Here are the traits of every zodiac sign that makes the natives of these zodiac signs annoying: - Aries Annoying traits You shop till you drop, well ever heard of binge shopping? That is what you do. The moment you hear about any new product, you waste no time to bring it home. In the end you have too much stuff that you don’t even need. How to get rid of it Hold that urge, hide your credit card and do whatever it takes to stay away from the shopping centres. If at all you go there do not carry your credit card. Taurus Annoying traits You are stubborn as hell, even if you have whole world telling you, you are wrong. You will never believe them. How to get rid of it You don’t have to argue for everything, just listen to what others have to say. You may or may not agree, but just let it go. Gemini Annoying traits Gemini natives are party animals and they love the party going, in their house party never stops till its time for work the next day. How to get rid of it You will always be the life of the party whether you indulge in the quirky things or not, so avoid that indulgence. Cancer Annoying traits           We know you love your comforters and oversized clothes, but its time to say goodbye to them. How to get rid of it Before you die because of your oversized clothes and comforters, take our advice and the windows. Leo Annoying Traits You pricy Leos, anything with price tag and label on it fascinates you. Well, that may burn a hole in your pocket. How to get rid of it Shopping is a beautiful therapy, so try before you buy and if you really like it then only buy it. Virgo Annoying Traits You love the monotony in your life, if you like something you will buy it till the time you don’t get bored of it. How to get rid of it Change is good, but ever tried experimenting? If not, its time to experiment. Libra Annoying Traits You are obsessed with your make-u kit, you can never go wrong with your lipstick or mascara, but at time you overdo it. How to get rid of it Try to stay raw, you must know beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. You are beautiful in your own way. Scorpio Annoying traits You have a thing for deep dark shades, to the extent that you feel claustrophobic after a point. How to get rid of it Try going to the bright places, per say a beach or a well-lit restro. Sagittarius Annoying Traits You are the adventurous of the lot and you are always planning weekend getaways, have you ever tried staying back and just lazing at home? How to get rid of it Go oversize, try staying at home. It is something that will show you, your other side, which you may love. Capricorn Annoying Traits We know you love to shop and the only thing that gives you flowery dreams is sale. The moment you hear sale you are ready to buy anything and everything. How to get rid of it Go to your favourite store, see what you want, try it and then buy. Aquarius Annoying traits  Plans and you are poles apart, we understand you like to plan things and do things as per your needs. How to get rid of it Its time to look at the calendar, after all little bit of planning never harmed anyone. Pisces Annoying Traits You love the drama, though you are sympathetic, but you sure like to hang around with drama queens, even though it drives you crazy at times. How to get rid of it Try to stay put, you can always start watching a series on Netflix.

Posted on: 17/04/2018

If you are the native of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn then you can fix your fear by using a vision board. Cardinal signs are known to start things, if you belong to any cardinal sign or have quite a lot of cardinal energy on your chart, then you must know you are the prime being for ruling this world. Your fears keep you away from achieving what you want to in your life, the best way to keep your fears at bay would be to constantly remind yourself your worth. You will have to make a vision board where you should write about your worst fears and how worthy it would be in the end. You must constantly tell yourself about your goals and how far you can go to achieve them. For the natives of zodiac signs like Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius, these signs are known for their persistence, grit and your ability to get things done. You know how to turn your material ideas into reality. Once you make up your mind nothing on earth can stop you from doing it, if you want to get things done you will do it by hook or by crook. Well, you are most powerful lot of the zodiac sign, that does not mean you are afraid of certain things you don’t fear things. You are obsessed with your new projects and you will do no matter it takes for the things to be done. Your friends are our major support and they will help you overcome your fears. The natives of zodiac signs like Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, you guys are flexible, versatile about everything that comes your way. You guys are amazing at handling things and keeping your relationships intact. Your biggest fear is losing out on things, opportunities and people. You can overcome these fears by picking up some projects and working your best to get the desired results. The key to keep your fear at bay is to think less and indulge yourself in different projects more.  

Posted on: 13/04/2018

You must have heard the song “We Found Love in a hopeless place”, well this song is quite apt for many of us. We always find love when we are certainly not looking for it. We all have that light with in us that draws love towards us, it is pretty poetic how magic works around us and the one we love, but not all that begins well ends well. Yes, we are talking about the heart breaks you face and the break-ups that you have to go through. This is how your zodiac sign responds to a break-up: - Aries Aries is a powerful zodiac sign, they are emotional and passionate lovers. They don’t take no for an answer. So, when you are calling it quits with an Aries native, make sure its in a private place, after all you don’t want any kind of emotional drama in front of the world. Taurus Taurus natives are the practical ones, so when you break-up with your Taurus bae know you explain everything to them rationally and have a plan that is practical enough to allure them. Gemini Gemini natives love to talk their way out. When you break-up with your Gemini partner you can expect some long chats where you will find yourself doing all the listening and trust us or not they will try to make situations in their favour with their exquisite words. Cancer These crabs can be pretty knaggy when it comes to the matter of heart. You will certainly have a hard time saying bye to Cancer natives. You will have to explain the situation to them and run as quickly as you can. Leo Their pride is something they bask on, if you tell a Leo that you are calling it quits it may not go down well with them. They are egoistic, and you will be hurting their fragile ego by dropping this news. They may even try to tell you that you will never find someone like them. Virgo It is never easy to break a Virgo’s heart, after all they are so perfect. They remember everything and will give you glimpses of some beautiful memories you guys had together. Take them to some private place and end it as soon as possible, do not stretch the process. Libra They like attention, if you are going to break their heart do it when they are charmed by you and when they are in good mood try to make them understand, things are not right within you guys. Scorpio Call it quits in a private place, well this is highly recommended. They are not someone you can easily leave. If they show you, you meant nothing to them, there are chances that they don’t want you to go from deep down their heart. Sagittarius Breaking-up with a sage will be a cake walk, if you just keep it simple and direct. They are all ears to you and they will certainly understand your dilemma. Capricorn Try to keep it as low key with them as possible, as Capricorn natives are among those who doesn’t like to be criticized. They may take your rejection as criticism and can backfire on you. Aquarius Aquarius natives are quite easy going, they don’t mind if you break-up with them. You cannot just tell this news to them over a call or text. Meet them and explain to them what possibly didn’t work. Pisces Pisces might be a bit quieter than usual when you are breaking up with them. Do not be shocked, as they probably have a lot to say, but are just sorting their emotions and looking for holes in your argument while listening to you utter not so flattery words.

Posted on: 12/04/2018

The month of April has already begun and many of you must be speculating how your coming days would be in this month. Here are the predictions for each day of the week from 9th April to 15th April: - 9th April 2018 On this day, you guys will have to accept the obstacles that come your way. An Aries sun squares with the Capricorn moon before this moon goes to the Aquarius. It will a day full of high voltage drama and difficulty. There will a time in this day when you may feel, you are not achieving what you truly deserve. 10th April 2018 When Mars trines with Venus, you must know its an amazing time for you especially when you are in a relationship. You romantic will be a blooming one on this day. Don’t overthink about what is happening or what is going to happen, just embrace the beauty of being close to each other. 11th April 2018 Time to accept the bitter truth. You must know this will be a hard day. On this day Sun squares with Pluto and this will make many of us feel uncertain about almost everything under the sun. It will be a rough day at work, but the good part of the day its just one day and you know it will pass. 12th April 2018 Venus will be playing all the games on this day. May be you are in a mood to talk to your partner, but he/she may not be in the same mood as Venus has already cast its spell on them. You must know Venus does not want you to commit anything to anyone, be it in a relationship or marriage. 13th April 2018 Well, its Friday the 13th. Moon is swinging between Pisces and Aries. This is a tough day for you, avoid starting anything new personally or professionally. It may not be an exciting day, but it will just another day of your life, you will have to let it pass. 14th April 2018 Its an Aries new moon, on this day you will look forward to your future. This new moon is all set to spread the aura. This day is best stay home and do some catching up with friends and family. 15th April 2018 On this day Mercury goes direct, this is the day for which everyone on earth was waiting for. Its time for you take sigh of relief, buy some electronic gadgets and stay focused. Be careful about whatever you do on this day.    

Posted on: 10/04/2018

April can be an intense month for all the signs, with some major planetary movements, all the zodiac signs will experience some good and tough time. So, let’s find out what April has in store for all the Zodiac Signs: - Aries You are in control of your life, you know you are master of your fate and captain of your soul. You will reveal some secrets about yourself that you have kept hidden from the world for a long time. This revelation will provide you peace of mind and will be good for you too. Be bold, go out there and fearlessly be yourself. Taurus You may feel that this weekend was a tough one for you, there will be some hardships both professionally as well as personally. Yu may also feel that you are not living up to your potential. Keep this negativity at bay, as this will not end the way it started, and it will certainly provide you the happiness you were looking for. Gemini This is the month filled with fun and you will socialize with everyone possible. Things are good for you, and everything will come easy and handy for you. This month is certainly your month and you can do whatever makes you happy. Cancer This month the thing that you should keep in mind is Change is the only constant. There will be a lot of changes coming your way this month, many of which can leave you distressed. You will have to show your worth to the world, especially at work. April has lined up for you some romantic dates too. Leo Everything will fall in place and make sense; its time o socializes and have some crazy fun. Let loose and enjoy your life. It’s time to maintain good balance in your life. You may need to make some small changes in the way you see things and it will surely lead you to the happiness you were looking for. Virgo Go with your intuition as it will provide you the path that is right for you. You love to speak your mind, but this is not the time to practice this habit. Remember you need closure to move on in your life. Put a full stop on something that is broken. Libra You are sure about your partner and you have 100% confidence romantically. It’s time for you take the lead in your relationship and you will see love pouring on you. You will find the romance you always desire, but it will come from the most unexpected source.  Don’t be too hard on yourself and its certainly not the time to overthink. Scorpio Your intuition is right, and you must listen to whatever it is telling you. You should make sure you don’t indulge in any argument and make a minor issue a major one. You have never felt so comfortable about yourself, embrace this feeling and relish on this beautiful feeling. If things don’t seem right, its time for you to fix it. Sagittarius You had a tough time in past couple of months, this month has a brought some relief for you. You must focus on the things that matter the most. You need to calm down and shut the noise and chaos in your head. Stay focused and think big. Capricorn You will have to gather things and seal all the loose ends. It is the time for you to relax a bit, you don’t have to control everything. You must let go of the things that has been bothering you for long. In the end, if it has to happen it will happen, you don’t have to run behind it. Aquarius This is the month to make new friends, let more people in and you will see how they addon to your life. Its time to step ahead and grab the spotlight. It’s a great time for your both professionally as well as personally. Pisces This month you will have to focus on your finances, you will be in a fix and you may feel a bit confused about the happenings around you. Respect your values and others will follow you in doing so. Don’t panic, as you have time by your side.  

Posted on: 10/04/2018

The month of April has just begun, and you must be thinking what this month has in store for you, when it comes to love life, this month certainly has a lot to offer to you. So, let’s find how this month is going to pan out for you and your special someone. Aries The Magic of the Month It’s the month for the Aries natives. It is your Birthday month and it certainly has a great gift to offer. You will get the enlightenment and the self-awareness you were looking for. You will use your Aries energy to create something new and you will say goodbye to your destructive habits. The road is not that smooth for you when it comes to relationships. After 15th April everything will come back on track and you will give new definition to love with your new-found self. Taurus The Magic of the Month Venus has it influence on the Taurus natives. It is the month for you to fall in love a bit deeper with yourself as well as your partner. Don’t settle for something that just comes your way, know your worth and fight for what you deserve. Gemini The Magic of the Month Gemini natives, this is the season of love for you. Love is certainly in the air and you will feel, how you always wanted to feel. It will be just the way you imagined your love life to be. Think about your practical concerns and indulge in all the love you get. Cancer The Magic of the Month Anger, Fear, Frustration, Irritability, Anguish are the emotions this month has to offer you. You will have to be strong and accept all these emotions without losing your cool. Once you accept your emotions people around you will accept it too. Go with the flow. Leo The Magic of the Month This month will free you from several shackles and you will be able to accomplish whatever you want to in you love life, which will give a boast to your sex life as well. This month you will attract a lot of money. Virgo The Magic of the Month Cupid has shot an arrow towards all the Virgo natives this month, it will be an extremely romantic month for all the Virgos. Let loose and go out for dates with your partner. Libra The Magic of the Month This month will bring stability to your love life, be the support for those you love as they will require it. You will receive the support of loved ones in return. Scorpio The Magic of the Month The month will start with its normal pace, but towards the end of the month you can expect some road blocks in your professional as well as love life. Focus on your long-time love and say goodbye to all the temporary lovers. Sagittarius The Magic of the Month April is the month to fulfil all your sexual desire. You crave for sexual attention from your partner and you will get what you want romantically. This is time to have some fun. Capricorn The Magic of the Month Love is not always about doing big things for, it can also be about doing those teeny tiny things for you loved one. This month notice the minute details and gestures of your partner, as you will find happiness in small things of life. Aquarius The Magic of the Month You will get emotional reset, well that is for your best. You are ready to conquer the world on your own. If someone doesn’t give you happiness moved away from them. Pisces The Magic of the Month You are a strong person, you have survived the tiff of time and you came out winner. Gather yourself and know there is dawn after every dark night. Just know you did it.  

Posted on: 07/04/2018

As we know every zodiac sign has its own characteristics. There are different Zodiac signs that show some significant characters that we cannot ignore. Well, you just need to focus on the last word ignore, as we are going to tell you about the zodiac signs that have nailed the art of ignoring. Here is the list: - Virgo Virgos, one of the most prim and proper zodiac sign among the lot. If you are someone who is quite erratic and created chaos and ruckus, then you must know that Virgos will be the first ones to ignore you. Virgos like those who are careful, steady and are not impulsive at all. Virgos instantly dislike those who are clumsy, talking all the time and who are not much of a listener. Virgos are not a big fan of disruption in their world. If you are the one who garners attention by being unpredictable, then you should know that it will not go down well with this Zodiac Sign and they will ensure you don’t get the attention you are craving for. Taurus Known for their temper Taurus is one of those Zodiac Signs that wastes no time in ignoring those who don’t believe in themselves. If you are laid back and are in no mood to plan out things you got to do, then in that case you must know that, Taurus natives will take no time to ignore you. Taurus natives yarn for goal-oriented individuals, if you are not one of them be ready to get ignored by Taurians. Cancer If you are all about shimmer, glitter, money and expensive stuff, then you must know that you will automatically fall in Cancerian’s “people to ignore list”. Cancer natives like to invest their time on emotions and things they care for, if you are the ignorant one then Cancer natives will not take much time to ignore you. So, those were some zodiac signs that will take no time to ignore you, if you don’t fit their list.    

Posted on: 09/01/2018

We all talk about our previous life, but did you know your previous life has a major influence on your present as well as your future. You must be thinking how will you get to know about your previous life or the deeds that have returned to haunt you. Don’t worry, as we will take you to a place where you will get the answers for all your questions related to your previous life and past actions. WHAT IS KARMA? To understand the saying, Karma has a check on everything and you are served what you deserve, you must understand what is Karma and how it plays a pivotal role in your life. Karma is any past work, action or deed that influences your future. Be it good or bad your deeds return to you as Karma, just to give you the taste of your own medicine. You must have come across people who, no matter how hard they try they are unable to get what they want, or they are not satisfied with what their life has to offer. On the other hand, we have those who are born lucky, to throw some light on your perception, these people are not born lucky, they just did something good in the past or in their previous life. Now, that must have taken your curiosity to a whole new level and you must be pondering about your own Karma. Want to know about your Karma, here is your Karma Report.   GET YOUR OWN KARMA REPORT Karma Report is something you must try, as it gives you an insight about how your past deeds are affecting your present and how it will influence your future. It also tells you about the hardships you are facing presently in your career, love life, relationships and family and how it is connected to your Karma. Not just this, Karma report also gives you accurate information about the period till which your past actions are going to pester you. Karma report is based on your Natal Birth Chart and gives an idea about where did you go wrong is your past or previous life. Other than the above-mentioned things what Karma Report majorly tells you is, how you can make your life a better place, as it gives you the remedies for your karma problems and tells you how to go about it. All in all you have everything that tells you about your Karma and its repercussions on your present as well as future life.

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Horoscope is a significant branch of Indian Astrology that's in use since old age.  They play an important role in the astrological calculations and are held in very large regard in a lot of communities of earth even today. Indian astrology is popularly known as Vedic astrology. Hence, it's called Vedic astrology. Vedic Astrology lays down various parameters that should be taken under consideration in this practice of horoscope matching. In the western society, they are made depending on a great deal on the time and exact location of a person's birth other than further factors that are kept in mind. The horoscope is ordinarily in the form of a wheel and it symbolizes the numerous cycles that living things go through above their lifetime. It is a unique karmic map that presents an opportunity for a person to know about his or her past and present, and also delve into the future. Aside from the elements, the symbols are also categorized depending on their quality. Each symbol on the horoscope has a distinctive set of elements it can be related to. Every one of the symbols which are included in the horoscope has some distinctive behavioural characteristics and each of them has responses that could influence a specific circumstance. You will probably take on the traits of this sign the moment it comes to your emotions. At the moment you've got an inclination to think you're superman or superwoman. In addition, it defines for their benefic and malefic influences which they're supposed to create during distinct points of time in your life. The way that they are depicted reflects for the simple fact that whether they're in a benefic state or malefic state. You have to just take note of this fact and accept that not all horoscopes are likely to be right. So it is difficult for them to understand the actual facts of life. Your zodiac sign says a great deal about you as an individual, but it could also inform you which horoscope signs you are most compatible with. Hence it usually means that the individual should be clear with his strategies.

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The year 2018 will unfold the hidden spark and will give you a platform to showcase your talent. Your planets are on your side and with their humongous support you will see a lot of growth in your life this year. Year 2018b will be filled with joy, happiness and energy, which will impart a lot of positivity and power to you. CAPRICORN LOVE HOROSCOPE FOR 2018 2018 will be a great year for Capricorn guys to get married, as you may find the love of your life this year. It’s time to break the bubble and come to reality. Just be the way you are, it will surely attract the attention of your potential partner. Shift your focus from future problems to your partner as it is should be your major priority now.  CAPRICORN FINANCE AND FAMILY HOROSCOPE FOR 2018 Year 2018 will be smooth financial year for Capricorn people, as there will be a good of money from various sources. You need to think about your future and keep a check on your expenditures. In the middle of the year you are likely to go a bit overboard and spend on your family. It would a good year for Capricorns on the family front, follow your heart and all the problems will take a back seat. Your social life would be at its best only if you know how to keep your emotions under control. 

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Good balance is all that you need for this year, look for the broader picture as you will be making a lot of compromises this year willingly or unwillingly. You will gain popularity this year, as the planets are on your side. Singles it is the best time to get mingled, but be cautious about your budding relationships. 2018 AQUARIUS CAREER HOROSCOPE Your professional life will witness a new dawn this year, it is a year which will inspire you to put your best foot forward and do something which will be appreciated by all. You are likely to get a promotion or pay hike and try to stay away from war of words with your colleagues as it may harm you in a long run. 2018 AQUARIUS LOVE HOROSCOPE This year will bring gushing emotions and you will see some betterment in your love life. It will certainly be a promising year, as it will bring you close to your partner or spouse. Not just that, it will also clear the cloud of misunderstanding from your love life. Singles will find their potential match this year. This year would demand you to make compromises to take your relationship to a better place.  2018 AQUARIUS FAMILY AND FINANCE HOROSCOPE 2018 will ring with good finance for you, you will have financial stability throughout the year your finances will keep that pretty smile on your face, but don’t spend by card as you may end up spending more that way. Aquarius natives will witness harmony on their family front and will maintain a cordial relationship with family members. You may also welcome a new family member.   

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A Volcano of emotions, laughter, happiness and joy is coming your way in 2018, this year will be quite subtle for you and you will see your whole new side this year. A sense of freedom, liberty and peace will prevail in your life and Saturn will help you to maintain a low profile.  SCORPIO CAREER HOROSCOPE 2018 2018 is going to be the year you were looking for, it will bring a lot of accolades, a promotion and a satisfied work environment for you.  It is also the right time to think about new ventures…Your colleagues will be supportive, but you need to show them your positive side. All in all this year will be like spring for your career. SCORPIO LOVE HOROSCOPE 2018 Scorpio natives, you need to be understanding this year, you must keep your ego aside and try to understand your partner’s feeling and emotions. This will be a good year for Scorpio singles as you may come across potential partners and may get hitched as well. Love will blossom for married couples.  SCORPIO FINANCE AND FAMILY HOROSCOPE 2018 This year you need to reconsider your finances and make a budget, you also need to keep an eye on where and how you are spending. Make some promises to yourself and stick to that throughout the year, otherwise you may face a cash crunch towards the end of the year. You will see stability on your family front, but don’t take things for granted and try to make efforts to maintain harmony in your family.   

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You must have see many astrology websites and must have found a couple of them interesting as well, but it is time to take your knowledge about horoscopes and astrology a notch higher. You must be thinking, how to do that? Well, we bring to you, our most awaited website Astrology Prime’s primary focus is to become you pal for the most accurate forecasts customized for our visitors. Our aim is to provide our visitors hassle free access to their daily, weekly, monthly, yearly horoscopes and various reports related to their Karma, love and career. We make sure our best astrologers give you the necessary piece of advice for your life and brilliant team of developers, put their best foot forward to blend your forecasts with outstanding digital make-up to make our website become the beauty it is. Our team of experts are well-versed with group and individual psychology and they try to work on these lines to give you a better insight about your future. The moment you visit our website you just have to type your name, date of birth and place after which in no time you will your most accurate horoscope and other related reports. Our predictions are totally based on authentic calculations and appropriate star and celestial charts, which aids us to give your most exact predictions. We have tried our best to make our online website easily accessible, so that anyone can come and visit us without any hinderance. It you had no idea about astrology, horoscopes etc…or you didn’t believe in any of this, then do visit us… 

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The third sign of the zodiac comes with an inborn trait of having a quick-wit and are quite expressive. According to the symbol for Gemini, the twins, it is quite like seeing two contrasting personalities and can never be sure about which personality you will see. Gemini are geniuses as they are in a position to hold two opposing ideas in their minds without feeling a feeling of insanity. Gemini has the gift of gab and they're ready to write in a way that attracts people from all walks of life, therefore it's quite simple for them to gain followers in a brief space of time. Gemini would be pleased to be in love with this kind of a secure and comforting individual. It needs to think in retrospect in order to understand the cause and effect of reality. Gemini by nature may be more susceptible. It’s simple to spot a Gemini wherever you are. One thing you can be certain of, you won't ever be bored with a Gemini. Due to their sociable nature, Gemini is communicative and ready for fun and has a sudden urge to become an extremely serious, thoughtful and agitated. For them, the world is a wonderful place and they are extremely curious with a sustained thought not having enough time to experience everything that they wish to see. Their changeable and open mind leads them to become great artists, writers or journalists, and their dexterity makes them a good companion when it comes to team sports, driving and trade related activities. Also, they are enquiring, adaptable, cheerful and have a thirst for experiencing all that is to be known. These traits make them come across as inspiring and interesting at the same time. On the flip side, not many Gemini individuals are in fact searching for a secured and long-lasting relationship. For that reason, it's easy for someone with Gemini rising to receive her or his point across. If you consider it, people with the exact same zodiac signs can have absolutely opposite personalities. There are several astrological approaches to establish a personas basic personality. You will probably take on the traits of this sign once it comes to your emotions. It is part of his male Gemini traits.

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 Air is the ruling element for Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, it also controls third, seventh and eleventh houses in the horoscope. Air imparts wit to those who are associated with it. Those people who have Air as their ruling element can blow you away with their thoughts and ideas. If you are in a fix, tell this to a person influenced by Air and you will keep gazing at them and marvel at how effortlessly they use their wits to come out of any situation. Communication is the key for these airy folks, they are witty, clever and like to see both sides of an equation. They are quick at reading between the lines and you will hardly get an opportunity to fool them. They know how to get their work done and when it comes to gathering information from someone, there is definitely no one better than airy people. The air signers can be a like a sweet breeze when they at their best mood, but they can soon change to a tornado if you upset them. These people are quite sorted in their head and they certainly know what they are doing, but as the direction of air they can also change in no time and become cold. If they are good to you, they will be a blessing…if not you need to find a hideout to stay away from these people. These people like to rise and shine, they are realistic, enthusiastic and want to make this world a better place with their hart and soul. They are caring and don’t like to be bias towards people, they look at the situation wisely and then give their advice. Airy people like to pat their backs, while gazing at their accomplishments. They are best people to deal with when they are in good mood, they are intellectual, honest, swift with tint of cleverness.

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Horoscope is an incredible mix of science, art and craft. As it is thought that horoscopes greatly impact an individual, some folks would think about following what would appear in daily horoscopes. Many people believe horoscopes aren't astrologically correct, since there are only twelve zodiac signs that represent vast number of population living on earth and it's nearly astrologically not possible to predict accurately about all them just through twelve signs. However, horoscope has been quite popular among a lot of people throughout recent years. The horoscope is just one of the most pivotal pieces of divine science of astrology. Never forego the simple fact a horoscope is a forecast that could act as your guide. You have to remember though that horoscopes shouldn't be thought to be the reading of someone's fate. So, it's required to locate a daily horoscope that's written on the scientific fundamentals of astrology. The moon is readily influenced by every other force and is more sensitive to the effect of the indications of the zodiac than every other planets. Zodiac signs are something that the majority of us are quite knowledgeable about Whatever They Told You about Horoscope Features Is Dead Wrong...And Here's Why In case you go on the internet you will find lots of troubles that require solutions. Well likewise, when folks are looking for answers they browse the web for the info. It's practiced with the assistance of mystical powers and at times with the aim of commercial gain. What You Don't Know About Horoscope Features When it regards the characteristics, the very best qualities that could define this zodiac sign. Remember that a person’s sun sign is simply 1 part of them, and that there are numerous elements that compose a person’s character, ideas and attributes. Horoscope Features Can Be Fun for Everyone An ascendant sign is more inclined to reveal an individual's physical build. In a workplace, if you ask someone who is born under this indication to address an issue, he is certain to produce an extremely creative solution. You have to have realized that the individual who is writing your everyday horoscope may be anyone. Today, while attending some type of voluntary program or helping those in need, you might satisfy the person that you dream about. Some people are extremely serious in regards to astrological signs. With this manner of thinking people also appear to discount the simple fact that choosing the ideal mate may not be up to them or the product of making it a priority. Some of people don't have an opportunity to read their everyday horoscope and weekly horoscopes. Type of Horoscope Features There's no such thing as an ideal horoscope sign. The horoscope acts as a stylized map of the heavens over a particular location at a specific moment in time. More specific daily horoscopes can on occasion be totally irrelevant. Astrology can give an abundance of information to allow this, however natal charts ought to be well prepared and studied to achieve that. It is not a very scientific way to answer questions. What to Expect From Types of Horoscopes Features? Analyzing an individual’s personality and seeing how it will impact your relationship with them is a good skill to get. Use them as a simple guide to assist you understand the many different personalities of the men and women in your life. Learning about each Sun sign helps us understand the essence of each sign itself and makes it a lot easier to establish a very good foundation for any kind of private chart analysis. In fact, the animal is in addition the sign of wisdom. You can be a really popular individual, as you understand how to relate to people on an emotional level. Possessing an individual who appear to have it all together and has a particular degree of private toughness can be a rather reassuring person to get around. By knowing about your love potential you'll be able to make the very best use of chances and take suitable measures resulting in a joyful love or married life. You're responsive to the demands of others and you may be observed serving meals to the homeless. See whether you believe it qualifies as scientific! Your need to feel worthwhile with your place on earth can be a significant endeavour and it's often not until your later decades, when you feel a feeling of achievement, that you can genuinely feel relax and settled. If used to create specific expectations such as this one, astrological ideas are testable. There are lots of things happening besides what you may see.  

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The Ultimate Horoscope Trick A horoscope is technically a chart for any specific moment in time as a birth chart is particular to the moment of birth, although the terms are frequently used interchangeably. Even though it is like an open book but still most of the times it takes a very long time to reach to the root level of the problems because of its deepness. You probably know it as the horoscopes which can be found daily in virtually any newspaper. Horoscopes are listed in various fields that all individuals may benefit from. Besides being used for its very basic intention of predicting future events and circumstances in your life at several points of time, Kundali horoscope is likewise a crucial part of various different rituals and traditions. As part of Kundali matching process of Vedic astrology, Kundali horoscopes of two individuals are put on a single platform so as to compare and evaluate many attributes of those 2 individuals, and so draw a conclusion regarding the potential compatibility of those.   Horoscopes as a birth chart?   Horoscopes technically a chart for any specific moment in time as a birth chart is unique to the moment of birth, although the terms are frequently used interchangeably. This horoscope finds birth chart of extreme value in order to acquire info about an individual's life. Monthly horoscopes forecast for the entire month. The totally free horoscope lets you know about all the predictions in your life free of charge. It's only possible with 2013 horoscopes that provide online from assorted astrology sources. Horoscopes help people within this issue. Gemini Weekly Horoscope predicts this week, you are going to be busy in fulfilling the need of your family. Astrology has dual intent. Most individuals may believe that astrology shouldn't be believed upon. Astrology is a help that functions in a several way. Natal Astrology seeks to make predictions and analyses depending on the date of an individual's birth. For those people who have full faith in astrology horoscope in addition to other such fields, definitely requires a support which they can look upon on. Astrology Horoscope 2012 can provide you the ideal answer. Astrology is known as the oldest of all sciences which exist within this world. Vedic Astrology supports the remedies and all of these are very effectual in making the fortune in everybody's life. The internet astrology does claim to provide the reply to everything but the analysis of your horoscope will be able to help you guide in the proper path.   Fault in the stars? Astrology answers a number of other questions. It has different aspects and there are some problems which are generally known as the problems in astrology which can impact the life of a person. It analyses the partnership aspects of your business and take your business forward by making great partnerships. Folks who study astrology need to deal with maths and science to figure out the place of your stars. To begin with, a lot of people still believe in astrology with diverse services of astrology.   Some calculations needed!   By calculating planet strength, astrologers help it become feasible for all of us to have glimpse of someone's life. As they are in demand for different sectors of the economy to respond to this request, many sites, newspapers and magazines are beginning to give a distinct identity in the world in the type of column separated the horoscope for different horoscopes. Through their site, you may even chat with the astrologers. A lot of people feel that what the astrologer has said is the very last thing on earth. They should always consult an expert astrologer while doing horoscope matching which most of the people don't do and they only rely on the horoscope matching software available on many websites to check if they are getting a sum total of more than 18 points out of 36 points without knowing the fact that there are many other areas to be analysed for different areas like the astrologer will analyse. That means you need to consult a specialist astrologer if you're facing problems in life. Now the astrologers don't need to settle back and wait for any celestial or astrological event to take place. He or she, in order to determine your future, needs to know the correct position of planets in your horoscope chart at the time of your birth. It has to be worn only when you're asked by the astrologer to achieve that. During such time only the astrologer who's well accustomed is in a position to aid in eliminating the problems at its earliest. Should you do, then you ought to stop by an accredited astrologer now and get your stars calculated  

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The date of birth of a person does all the talking about his/her personality and it also plays an integral part in deciding the future of a person. Birth date, time and place also play a pivotal role in birth horoscope as well. The most important part of your birth horoscope is your natal moon report, which makes you well versed with the planetary movement in your horoscope as well as its affects in your present life. Birth horoscope is very important if you want to know anything about your present or future life, not just that it also tells you about your past doings and how it has an affect on your present and future. Your birth horoscope also tells you about the fortunes and misfortunes you are born with and how it will effect you career, love, family and finance all your life. To know more about how your birthday plays a major role in your life click on

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First of all, you should not mistake astrology with astronomy, as they bit different from each other. Astronomy is the study of celestial bodies, whereas astrology is the study of the movement of celestial objects. It is also considered as the study of divine happenings in human life due to celestial objects. Astrology has its roots in the calendrical systems used to predict occasional shifts and to decode celestial cycles as divine information. Astrology has been adapted as a major tool to study future by numerous cultures like Indians, Chinese, Romans, Greeks, Maya etc. These days modern astrology majorly focuses on Horoscopes that focuses to explain a person’s personality, his past, present and future life based on the influential events and the positioning and movement of various celestial bodies. Astrology was always considered as a part of scholarly studies, it also found its place in political and literary works by famous writers like Dante Alighieri, William Shakespeare and many such famous writers over the period of time. Though astrology has carried the burden of scrutiny by various people, it still remains the most preferred way of predicting future. To know about what astrology has to offer to you visit our website by clicking on    

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2017 is certainly the year that brings in a lot of changes and success… Changes are not always received with open arms…but this year keep an open mind and welcome all the changes with a smile. These changes will provide you several opportunities, that will make you believe in yourself and progress in life. This year you need to be confident and courageous, as you will have to take some bold steps to have an energetic and positive life ahead. Step out from the world of illusions to reality as reality is way more better than illusions this year. 2017 is going to start with a bang, as sun approaches its annual Pluto conjunction, this is the universe telling us to keep a clear mind, if you are not welcoming changes, then also changes will come your way, no matter how hard you try to avoid them. This year also brings in separation of Mars Neptune conjunction, which will make you a better person and will also make you believe in yourself. So, this year don’t be shy and coy, but be bold and breathtaking. It would be a great year to make you bonds strong with friends, family, close aids and colleagues, as this will be productive for you in the long run. This year will be a successful one in terms of finance and family, some may win a lottery or welcome a new member home. In 2017 don’t be timid, shy or less focused…This year is all that you needed, so be bold and conquer the world.  

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We all have a little knowledge about horoscope and zodiac signs, but you must be thinking what is 12-month transits…Let us do the honours to enlighten you about it. 12-month transits are nothing, but your planetary movements over the period of 12months. 12-months transit gives you a deeper insight about the positioning of the major and minor planets according to your natal chart. It also gives you an elaborate idea about, how your month is going to be on the career, health, love and family front.  12-months transit is all that you need to get an in-depth knowledge about the magical movements of the planets for your zodiac sign. After all who won’t be curious to know about the major ups and downs in relationships, career, family life and love, that to from a personal guide. Astrology prime’s 12 months personal transit report will make you well versed with the future happening in your life due to planetary movement. So, what are you waiting for just click on the given link www.astrologyprime/horoscope/ and get personal guidance about various aspects of your life.