Can a study of 2018’s astral patterns help you understand yourself?

Peel open the layers of your physical self to gain a glimpse of your inner eternal soul! Constellations in the night sky signify the union of the Brahman (ultimate reality) with the Atman (inner soul). The ancients identified true human characteristics with unchanging symbols in the environment. Did the sages get it right? Find out now!

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How will 2018’s Chinese Earth Dog affect your life?

Romance, riches and fortune will blossom in the Chinese year of the brown dog! What is the one thing you must know that can sway the hand of fate? How can you harness the cycles of the moon to find your friends or your one true love? Find out now!

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2018: You are the best investment this year!

At last, a complete guide to realizing the best possible future for you and avoiding hindrances. Your 2018 horoscope is based on well-documented personality traits and proven real-life solutions to questions ranging from relationships to occupation. Come find yourself.

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Protect your child from all harm!

The birth of a child was a bundle of joy for you! Now it’s your turn to chalk out her future. Find out what her horoscope says about her personality so that you can prepare ahead. Hold her hand and nudge her gently to her full potential and watch out for hindrances she is likely to face.
Get the perfect insurance plan for your child.

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Discover your primitive, animal side!

Discover the ancient secrets of your Chinese Zodiac animal sign and your personal element's strengths in love, work, and more. Learn your strengths and weaknesses with detailed information about your primal nature and fixed element, love and work traits, fun facts, and sign compatibility. Get a unique, revealing look at yourself with this reading!

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Where do you really live?

The wheel of the Zodiac tells your predictions from the self to society, the world and the universe beyond. Locate yourself on the cosmic scale and nudge yourself to gain complete fulfilment out of your life-goals and principles. Get practical tips on what situations to avoid and what callings to indulge in.
Prepare to be amazed by the accuracy of your house rule forecast.

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Swearing by the Moon!

The position of the moon at the time of your birth is the most influential determinant of your sentimental side. It affects how you perceive and respond to personal and social stimuli. Wouldn’t you like to what touches or amuses you? And how can control your behaviour to a fuller, funner you?

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Your faithful counsel on life and the world.

Do you believe that life mimics patterns in nature? The environment including the planetary positions at your birth affects your personality and your attitudes for good or for bad. Biology can tell you how you look but only you have the power to decide who you are. Join the good fight and improve yourself. 

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Your solitary key to the secrets of all creation, renders bare the scrolls of the Oracle with a comprehensive reading of your horoscope.

Even the most cynical of readers will find something meaningful in the meticulous and studied interpretations of the Zodiac, their associated Houses, Elements and Planets. From the ancient elegance of the Vedic Horoscope to the psycho-analytic forecasts of modern day Love and Career, you will find all the motivation and counsel you need to take your life in your own hands. Explore your future NOW!.