Daily Horoscope

There are some restless energies around you today Aquarius and you may struggle to get a handle on them. You could be feeling more sensitive than usual, as well as feeling like all your attempts to act on your ideas and make some tangible progress simply fall flat. Instead of fighting it, accept that today is a day to be more inwardly focused and to indulge in some self reflection. It's a good day to tackle any insecurities head on and simply acknowledging instead of denying their existence can bring some powerful healing energy. Just remember to be kind to yourself!
There is a lot of restless energy around you today Aquarius and you may be tempted to retreat to your comfort zone of distance and detachment. If others seem to be challenging your choices, they may actually be denying their own ability to change. You are often ahead of your time and this can feel isolating, as if nobody understands your motivations or who you are. In time they will catch up with you (although you are just as likely to have moved on by then!). In the mean time, stay true to yourself and remember that somebody has to be the one to make change happen.
The standards you set for yourself tend to be high Aquarius and you may be anxious at times about not being able to meet them. Today you may find yourself considering these standards and your habit of being hard on yourself. Its likely that your hard work is beginning to show tangible results, bringing a sense of satisfaction and inner security. However you may also be wondering whether all the pressure you put on yourself is worth it, as you can achieve just as much without all that extra stress. Be as kind to yourself as you would to others Aquarius!

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