Daily Horoscope

You might be feeling a bit stifled today Aries, as if you can't get out there and get on with it as you'd like. There's no particular reason for this, its just part of the natural cycle of life and the best thing you can do is go with the flow. Sometimes we all need to retreat a little and gather our energies, even someone as active as you Aries! Bank down the fires and do whatever you need to do to re-fuel them. Meditating, creating or simply resting are all well aspected today and can help you to avoid getting burnt out and exhausted.
You are able to start afresh today Aries and receive a welcome boost of energy after a quiet couple of days. It's a good day to begin a new project, ideally something which has the potential to make a difference in the world as well as bring you personal satisfaction. If you're working with other people, be careful not to take over and dominate proceedings. You sometimes get carried away with excitement and enthusiasm, rushing ahead and not realizing that others are feeling left out or ignored. Listen to everyone's point of view and make a plan of action.
If you've been sleeping on a problem that you couldn't resolve yesterday, things may seem much clearer today Aries. Whatever was blocking your movement yesterday clears and you are on your way again. It won't necessarily come easily, because where would be the fun in that? But you will be able to work through any issues and may even find some new solutions. Using your head rather than your heart is well aspected today. Projects which make a contribution to the collective and make someone's life better are likely to be most successful, so find your cause and fight for it Aries!

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