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You may be concerned that your partner is hiding something from you today Cancer or that something is happening that you don't know about. Rather than keeping your worries to yourself, talk to your partner and you are likely to find that your insecurities are unfounded. Even if they are not, talking about the situation openly is likely to b reassuring and help you to find a way forward. Sometimes our partners reflect our own shadows back to us, so its also worth considering whether there is something you are hiding from yourself, perhaps some uncomfortable feelings or a change you are resisting.
Close relationships are under the spotlight today Cancer. You tend to feel strongly and to express your emotions a lot and other people may not always be comfortable with that. If those around you are asking for some space, try not to take it personally or give in to insecurity. It's likely that they simply want some time alone to process their own emotions, indeed they may feel that some time alone may benefit both of you. Try to use the time well so that when you come together again, you are not projecting or taking on each others feelings and can simply enjoy each others company.
You and your partner may be discussing shared resources today Cancer, perhaps the home that you live in or other joint investments. Your shrewd business sense and ability to protect your assets means that these are likely to be well organised and bringing you a good return as well as a sense of security. Try to keep a boundary between your material wealth and the emotional security it brings or you. Both are likely to be important to you but if they are too closely merged you may lose clarity, perhaps grasping too tightly to the material and mistaking it for the emotional.

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