Daily Horoscope

You may be going all out today Capricorn, drawing on all your reserves of inner power to make changes in your life. The way that you see the world or indeed the way that the world sees you may have been shifting and today might mark a new chapter in those changes. It could be something as simple as changing your appearance or dressing in a different way, right through to completely transforming your life and the way that you choose to spend it. It may not always be an easy process but as time goes on and your begin to see the results, momentum will build.
It might feel as though others are not seeing you as clearly as you'd like today Capricorn. Often people see the person they expect or have always known, not realizing how much you have changed or grown. It's important to remember that this is not necessarily anything personal and is born of their own resistance to change. Rather than letting yourself be held back by their attitude, try to see it as as lesson in learning self belief and letting go of the need for external validation. They will see the changes in you when they are ready, regardless of what you do.
You may feel that making money and gaining material abundance do not come easily to you Capricorn, meaning that you work extra hard to achieve them and feel you must do this all on your own. These insecurities may surface today, but you may be pleasantly surprised to be seeing the results of your hard work as tangible gains. The more you prove to yourself that you can earn a living and provide for yourself and your loved ones, the more your worries will fall away. Instead you will gain a solid foundation and sense of stability and confidence in yourself.

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