Daily Horoscope

You are a lucky sign Gemini in that you have the gift of the gab so you are always able to talk your way out of any situation. But luck can be a tricky thing and can always run out if you rely on it on its own to get you out of trouble. Now the stars are pointing to the fact that you really need to have a good plan in place for the future, and stop relying on the fact that everything will just work out OK in the end. It might, but it would be best for you not to have to trust in blind fate.
You are in a good place in your life to now reflect on your relationships Gemini. The people around you are fizzing with ideas and support for you, so you really need to embrace them and make sure that you appreciate them as they are. There is no sense in trying to carve your own path in the world now, as all the real joy lies in your relationships and the power of groups. So whether this means doing activities as a family, or just spending more time with colleagues, then this is what you need to do to get ahead.
You are probably slightly frazzled Gemini as the mood in July was pretty intense by anyone's standards. There was a lot going on and now we will move into Leo season tomorrow which will also have an uptick in energy about it. Knowing that now, try to take it easy today and enjoy spending time at home or with family, for this is the refuge of Cancer the Crab and you would do well to tap into these calm vibes. Stay at home if you can and cook a nice meal with your loved ones or similar – this is where the magic lies.

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