Daily Horoscope

Your research is likely to be paying off today Gemini and you are building a deep connection to your ideas. Staying focused and not allowing yourself to get distracted can take you even further today. Its a good day for talking through any relationship issues and for sharing your feelings. Whilst you may sometimes struggle to actually feel deeply, talking through your feelings or writing about them helps you to become aware of them. You are able to get a sense of perspective today, with the help of your partner, so that for once you can see the wood as well as the trees.
If you've been feeling a little stifled and closed in over the last few days Gemini, your world will start to open up again today. You can begin to express ideas that have been forming in the depths of your mind, sharing what your in depth studies have revealed. If you have been exploring your feelings, now is the time to express them. Even if the words don't come easily, you'll feel better for saying them. Towards the end of the day you may start to get a sense of the bigger picture, fitting your recent experiences into your life as a whole.
You are likely to be on the move today Gemini, getting out and about and making physical as well as mental connections. You may meet a teacher or mentor, or somebody who takes on that role, who encourages you to consider collective ideals as well as enjoying the gathering of information for its own sake. If you are studying, its time to look more widely into your subject and broaden your thinking. You may find yourself making unexpected connections or even coming up with a whole new approach. Find, or even better create, some beautiful words to live by today Gemini!

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