Daily Horoscope

Your work ethic is likely to be strong today Leo and even if you are working on routine tasks, completing them brings a sense of satisfaction. Others are likely to be recognizing your abilities and this may lead to your work taking a new direction. Today is a good day to focus on looking after your physical body and to remember that your outer health reflects your inner health. A long session of whatever sport of physical activity you enjoy will help you to feel at your best inside and out. You may even be able to challenge yourself to do more than usual.
Today is likely to begin with a long to do list Leo, probably of jobs you don't enjoy or simply find tedious. Rather than resisting or complaining about it, make it your challenge to complete all of your chores as soon as you can and as well as you can. Later in the day you are likely to be meeting people who may turn out to play a significant role in your life. Even if they are not in your life for very long, a passing comment from them or simply the inspiration of their actions may set you on a whole new path.
Your relationships take centre stage today Leo and this may feel challenging, especially if you are feeling somewhat detached from your emotions. You are likely to be a natural extrovert and enjoy having people around you, especially if you can take the lead in the group. The need for compromise and putting the other person first in one to one relationships may not always come easily to you, so that the other person may end up as your support. Ideally you need a relationship with someone who is an equally strong character as you, so you can admire as well as love them.

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