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Other people, especially colleagues, may be demanding all of your attention today Libra, so that you don't get a moment to yourself. Whilst this is a familiar state of affairs and you are good at helping others, make sure that your own needs are met too. If there's something you want to do for yourself, schedule it in and make it a priority, or you risk losing yourself. Your habit is often to define yourself by the way you relate to others and this is simply who you are but it's important to balance giving your energies away with keeping some to replenish yourself.
The energies in the heavens are unsettled today Libra and this may affect your relationships and the way you connect with others in general. If you have a tendency to put their needs and desires of others first, you may be especially aware of this today. It's in your nature to seek balance and make sure that everyone is happy, but there is a risk of losing yourself in the process. Giving service is a powerful thing and can be rewarding for yourself as well as for others, just make sure that you are not basing your self esteem only on the opinions of others.
Life is likely to be feeling a little calmer today Libra, just the way you like it. You are able to spend some time with your partner or loved ones and enjoy getting to know each other better. If this is a new relationship, space opens up today for you to share what is really important to you, whether its your highest ideals, the values you live by, or simply your motivation to get up in the morning. Enjoy the balance of speaking and listening, expressing yourself and learning from the other person and of finding a sense of harmony between you.

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