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There is a time to get serious and start making some serious power moves and that time has come for you now Pisces. With that in mind, you are also the flower child of the zodiac signs so being a go-getter is not exactly what you do best in life. That said, you can always make an effort to be more focused and more ambitious, and if you can do that now then you will be amazed by how much you can get done in the coming weeks and months. But you really need to start now if you want to see results.
This is a very lovely and very loving time for you Pisces and if you are coupled then you and your partner will be in the spotlight now. This could mean that you decide to make a big announcement to friends and family such as starting a family or getting married. If you are single then love could be all around you, and it might also come from a familiar place such as a friend who suddenly seems like more than that. The best thing to do now therefore is keep an open mind when it comes to your love life!
If you still have an issue with a loved on then the good news is that you have the time to sort this out. You are such a sensitive sign but there is no need for you to shy away from a difficult conversation now. Perhaps things will get weird, but you also need to air your feelings, and if you don't then they are likely to explode a little further down the line. So think all of this through now and then think about how you are going to approach someone close to you with tact and some diplomacy.

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