Daily Horoscope

You are a sensitive soul Pisces and are likely to be especially tuned in to the universe and to the people around you today. If you are spending time with friends or in a group situation, you may feel like everyone is directing their anger towards you for no obvious reason. Its likely that this is nothing personal, its just that you are more aware of these subtle energies than others and may unconsicously take them on. Try to get your boundaries clear about who you are as an individual and what, if anything, you are willing to process with or on behalf of others.
You may find yourself taking on the role of teacher or mentor today Pisces. Your ability to understand what others are feeling and to pick up on subtle changes in the atmosphere is likely to be especially strong today. This means that you can help others to understand what is happening before they are consciously aware of it. You may be the one teasing out the subtleties of group dynamics today and helping group members to understand each other better. Just remember not to give away too much of your own energy in the process Pisces and keep some boundaries in place.
You are happily away with the fairies today Pisces, flowing with your imagination and connecting to the greater mysteries of life. Your awareness of the subtle layers of reality beneath our outer reality is especially strong today and you may be more comfortable there than in the mundane world. Enjoy the opportunity to restore your spirit and replenish your energies but don't lose yourself there for too long. Bringing messages and healing back from the realm of spirit is an important part of your journey and you can use this power to make a contribution to the collective good.

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