Daily Horoscope

You are likely to be focused on your work and the way your earn your living today Sagittarius. As well as the material rewards this brings, its a good day to consider the skills and other resources you have at your disposal. You have the mind, and probably also the soul, of a seeker, and your strong mental energy brings an ability to communicate and to inspire others with your visions. You tend to think big and see possibilities that others might not and also to believe that they are possible. This self belief is in itself a powerful resource.
You are likely to be thinking big today Sagittarius, perhaps full of enthusiasm for a money making scheme. Whilst you are good at inspiring visions and seeing the big picture, paying attention to detail is not always your strong point. Before you take a risky leap into the unknown, take some time today to put a concrete plan into action of how it will all work. If you struggle to do this, you may need to re-think your ideas until you can make them work. It may be frustrating at the time but success will be much more likely as a result.
You probably have a great deal to say today Sagittarius, feeling that your mind is overflowing with ideas which all need to be expressed at once. Whilst others are likely to be inspired by your passion and enthusiasm, they may also feel overwhelmed and unable to keep up. If you sense that you are hitting verbal overload, choosing one subject or idea to focus on in detail will channel your energy more positively. If you're worried about forgetting all your other amazing ideas in the meantime, make a note of them and you can come back to them later.

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