Daily Horoscope

Your deepest emotions may be closer to the surface than usual today Scorpio and you may be feeling insecure or even threatened. If others are making you feel vulnerable, try to resist getting defensive or even aggressive. Instead, check in with yourself to see where the vulnerability is coming from, as it may relate to something in your past that is no longer relevant or useful. Releasing these old feelings can bring a sense of healing and a clearer awareness of who you are as an individual. You are awakening a new sense of self today Scorpio, slowly but surely.
You may find yourself taking the lead today Scorpio, especially if you are studying or perhaps sharing information. Your powerful mind is able to penetrate to the heart of the matter and those around you are likely to appreciate this ability today. You don't shy away from discussing difficult subjects, which may put others on the defensive. If this happens, be honest and open without being confrontational and remember that they may not be as aware of their own deeper feelings and as you are. Assert your own ideas whilst being sensitive to their needs and you'll find the right balance Scorpio.
You may need to watch out for an urge to control your environment and even the people around you today Scorpio. If there's something you are worried about or even in denial about, you sometimes have a tendency to bury it deep and then seek to control the situation so tightly that it can never escape. However you of all the signs know that repressing parts of yourself simply means that they burst out later in more painful or disruptive ways. If you can, take some time alone today to peel back the layers of what might be bothering you.

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