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Friendships and relationships have been difficult for you for some time now Scorpio as you have had to deal with issues of karma that perhaps stretch back to other lifetimes, if indeed you believe in the concept of past lives. Now however it all starts to work out and make sense to you. It could be that you have had an issue with a friend or that you argued, and now you may want to put all of this behind you and get on with your life. If you have to go your separate ways, then know this is for the best too!
You could find that Cupid has his arrows pointed at you now Scorpio and if you are single then you may find that you meet someone in the coming days when you least expect it. This could literally mean bumping into someone on the street who goes on to be quite a significant person in your life! If that is the case however, you need to start by getting out and about, otherwise you will never have that shot at love! If you are coupled then this is the ideal time for you to get closer to someone you love.
Sometimes we look at people through rose tinted spectacles and at other times we finally see them for what they really are. This could be a time when you finally understand that someone close to you is perhaps not someone you want to get closer to in your life and you could hear that they have been gossiping about you behind your bad. If that is the case then don't feel bad about making some changes to your friendship group Scorpio – you need to surround yourself with good people who have your back no matter what happens. Don't feel bad about this.

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