Daily Horoscope

The problem for you now, Taurus, is that you have had an emotional time of it with various people around you such as partners, family members and colleagues. The issue is that this has probably taken an emotional toll on you, and you really need to figure out what you are going to do about this so that you can take care of yourself. You need some down time and now you will get it if you dig deep and stop always catering to the needs of others. This is not a selfish thing to do; instead you need to know when enough is enough.
This is a nice end to the week for you Taurus and you will feel happy and healthy with a bit of a spring in your step. Like all signs, you may have felt as if you had some issues with your energy levels lately, but this is all set to change for you and you could feel a lot happier at the end of August when Mars goes direct again. Knowing this now, you need to embrace the times when you feel a little brighter, like now, and make the most of them to see friends and do something fun with loved ones.
We have one more day of Cancer season to enjoy before we get to Leo season Taurus and you would do well to spend the day enjoying all the kinds of things that Cancer encourages us to do. For you this will be all about your home and it is a great day to spend in bed with your favorite comforter, doing all the things you enjoy like watching television and just relaxing. You love a duvet day more than most and now you get the chance to indulge without feeling even a little bit guilty about it. So go for it.

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