Daily Horoscope

You are likely to be working hard today Taurus, aiming to broaden your horizons and perhaps find a new sense of meaning. Abstract concepts and philosophies are unlikely to be of interest to you, and your worldview is more likely to be founded on experience and reality as you understand it. Broadening your horizons is likely to be something you do gradually, one step at a time. If you are on the move today, you may be traveling to somewhere you have been many times before, somewhere you feel a sense of connection with and can relax and feel secure.
Your desire to do your duty and fulfill your responsibilities will take you so far today Taurus, until it clashes with your urge to simply do what you enjoy. The lure of your social life or a romantic relationship is likely to be strong and you'll need to find a way to balance the two. Both work and play are important parts of who you are and denying any part of ourselves never ends well. It may help to reverse your approach, by taking a playful attitude to your work and doing what you can to make it fun and then taking your social and romantic life seriously.
Your career or vocation is likely to be on your mind today Taurus and you may even be considering a change in direction. This doesn't need to be anything major and may be as simple as changing your usual routine or trying out a new approach to a regular task. Whatever you are doing, keeping in mind the effect it has on those around you and the possibility of working for the greater good is important today. Whilst material security is likely to be important to you, there is more to life than personal satisfaction and today is a good day to keep that in mind.

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