As they say no matter what you do or where you go, home is the sole place where your heart lies, well that is certainly the case with the fourth zodiac sign. Cancer the fourth zodiac sign is the one which embraces its roots. Their family is their life and they find pleasure in the comforts of home. A harmonious environment at home is all a Cancer wants from life. They are caring and like to nurture and cherish things which comes their way…These people are made up of gushing emotions and are always ready to pour their heart out. Crab is the symbol for this zodiac sign, often these people are called crabby as they tend to move to their shell if they are not in a mood to socialize. Did you ever looked at a crab and said Ohh! Gosh this creature is so moody, well you can say the same for the natives of this zodiac sign. As they say time is the biggest healer and if you know a Cancer who wants to be in its shell give it some time, it will eventually come out of it. Mood swings is not just the only think you get while dealing with a Cancer. The crabs are quite independent, and they know how to get things done. If their sweet and soft tricks don’t seem to work, remember they have other weapons also…You must know Cancers know how to use their emotions and get things done. If Cancers don’t find a way to get thinks done, they will feel sad and go back to their shell…this is the time when you should leave them along otherwise they won’t take much time to make you their enemy. The only thing which keeps them going is their family, their family means world to them. They won’t think twice before sacrificing anything for their family. Cancers are born with maternal instincts, well they are ruled by the mother of heavens Moon who inculcated all the motherly feeling in them. This is a primary reason why Cancerians are quite emotional. Moon is the ruler of emotions and let us be very frank in telling you that Cancers can bring flood once they start crying…Moon is also the ruler of moods and trust us Cancers have mood for every hour. Despite being moody to the core the natives of this Zodiac sign are always on the edge to help others and come across as very warm and caring human beings. They have a kind heart which tends to get hurt easily…They are blessed with 6th sense as it comes to their rescue during crises. Where you are most likely to find a crab…No points for guessing, its water and that is their ruling element as well. Cancers must stop being selfish and they need to come out of their self-pity mode, as it is not going to make much difference in their life. Cancers are quite possessive and emotional, but they can nail any money manner. They are always on their toes to help people, but are shy and coy to take the credits for their good deeds. Cancer is well defined by crab as the natives of this zodiac sign love to indulge in water sports. As crabs like to spend their time lazing around in their shells, so as the cancer natives, they always need someone to kick them out of the window...Mostly cancers find it hard to confront people or express themselves, but that’s not the case with over enthusiastic crabs as they are upfront, romantic and understanding. Their gut feeling is what plays the pivotal role in their life…they always listen to their gut. Cancers will give you whatever they have without expecting anything from you…They can do anything under the sun for their family and loved ones…the only thing they want in their life is a happy family. To know more about your Zodiac sign, log on to    

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