Your moon sign plays a pivotal role in deciding how your future looks like and it also provides you, your natal chart or your birth chart. Natal or Birth chart is prepared based on the time of your birth, date and location of birth. Get you natal chart only on www.astrologyprime/horoscope/natalchart Here are a few unknown things which your natal chart tells you about… Natal chart is a primary and most significant part of astrology, it talks about your personality, individuality and life path you are going to choose. It gives insight about the position of planets, moon, sun and their angles, which can affect your future many fold. It also makes you well versed with qualities and shortcomings of your horoscope. It tells you about the 12-month transit of planets on your horoscope and how it is going to affect you in the long run. Natal charts significantly trace the pattern of the planets on your horoscope and makes you aware about their influence on your life. Well, Natal Chart is something we all must consider as it majorly tells us about the position of Sun, Moon and Saturn, which is quite important to predict our future. So, to get your own natal chart click on to  

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