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Can a study of 2018’s astral patterns help you understand yourself?

Peel open the layers of your physical self to gain a glimpse of your inner eternal soul! Constellations in the night sky signify the union of the Brahman (ultimate reality) with the Atman (inner soul). The ancients identified true human characteristics with unchanging symbols in the environment. Did the sages get it right? Find out now!

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Vedas connect us to our roots, it also gives us an insight about how our present life has a deep-rooted connection ancient scripts…Vedas and many ancient scripts talk about our future and here at Astrology Prime. we will tell you about Vedic horoscope and what the year 2018 has in store for you.

Astrology Prime has left no stone unturned to give you most exact Vedic horoscope for the year 2018…here are a few areas which Vedic Horoscope makes you aware of…

  • What makes Vedic horoscope different from other horoscopes is its focus point. Vedic Horoscope focuses on moon sign unlike other horoscopes which focus on sun sign.
  • Since, Vedic horoscope focuses on moon sign it runs on two basic details your time of birth and the place of birth.
  • So far it is considered the most authentic type of horoscope, as they tell you about your previous life karma, your future accolades, obstacles and all the minute details related to family, career and relationships.
  • Without much ado Astrology Prime brings to you, your Vedic horoscope for the year 2018.
  • It will also provide you, your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly Vedic Horoscope which will help you to look at your future and make it better.
  • Vedic Horoscope will not only provide you with the whereabouts of your zodiac sign in the year 2018, but it will also shower you with the suggestion that will keep the future troubles and obstacles at bay.


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Your solitary key to the secrets of all creation, astrologyprime.com renders bare the scrolls of the Oracle with a comprehensive reading of your horoscope.

Even the most cynical of readers will find something meaningful in the meticulous and studied interpretations of the Zodiac, their associated Houses, Elements and Planets. From the ancient elegance of the Vedic Horoscope to the psycho-analytic forecasts of modern day Love and Career, you will find all the motivation and counsel you need to take your life in your own hands. Explore your future NOW!.