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Do you match up to your mate?

The most complete analysis of your compatibility with a mate is your Love Score. If you are unsure about how far the two of you should go as a couple then you must absolutely check out this incredibly practical assessment! Based on the divine 7 ingredients of a happy, salubrious and satisfying romance. You will find yourself reaching back for your Love Score over and over again!
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You know you love someone and you are compatible to each other, but just to be sure and take your relationship a notch higher, you can always score your love…You must be wondering about where you can find a love meter, Don’t worry there is no love meter in the market, but you can certainly get your Love score by logging in to Astrology Prime.

Here is a sneak-peek to what will you get once you visit for your Love Score.

  • This love score will provide you a report about whether you and your partner are meant for each other or not.
  • Your love score will be evaluated on the basis of various aspects of your life and personality.
  • It will give you a deeper knowledge about your personality and it will also tell you whether you and your partner share the same wavelength.
  •’s Love Score will tell you about your sexual compatibility and make you understand whether you are hot or not for one another.
  • Our Love Score will also make you understand, about how emotionally connected you and your partner are as well as how you and your partner are in communicating your emotions to each other.
  • It will also tell you about the longevity of your relationship as well as the time which you and your partner will spend together.
  • Finally, after providing all the information and scoring your relationship on the basis of above mentioned criteria Astrology Prime will provide you, your love score.


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