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Aquarius is the eleventh sign of Zodiac and they are on a mission to make this world a better place. Aquarius are humanitarian, hardworking and like to make things beautiful. These people spend most of their time in thinking, they are progressive people and they always like to think their way out. They like to work as a team and attach people to their projects and ventures. They can move mountains to make world a better place, you can say they are living to fulfill this purpose.

Water Bearer is the symbol of Aquarius, these people are always full of ideas and thoughts and they don’t waste even a single minute to divert their flow of thoughts and ideas towards the world.If you see a person giving a list of genius ideas, you must

know who they are…Aquarians are born genius and they don’t leave any chance to prove the same. Another trait which makes this zodiac sign adorable is, the natives of this sign don’t like to carry the baggage of their past. They live in the moment and enjoy it to the core. Aquarians are swelled with happiness when people nod at their ideas.

Sympathy and compassion are two things Aquarians live by, but they also need their space. Though they always work towards the greater good of the society, there are times when they become self-centered and walk into I, me, myself zone. These people are always ready to give whatever they have to the world, which makes them your friend in need.

Saturn and Uranus are ruling planets of this zodiac sign, according to ancient mythology Saturn is the father of gods and is associated with this sign since the very beginning. On the other hand, Uranus is one of the oldest gods and was recently associated with this sign. This breathtaking combo gives immense strength and power to this Zodiac sign. Saturn makes the natives of this zodiac sign progressive thinker, well they also like to think they are always right. Uranus plays its crucial part in making these people visionaries. Anything which is new, upfront and has a tint of rebellion, Aquarians are up for it even in their dreams. Their creativity and power to invent is their greatest gift. Sky is the limit for a genius and Aquarius certain go by this saying…They have sheer love for gadgets and technology, as they are always technologically sound. Aquarians can change the world with their ideas, its hard to match their level of creativity.

The element associated with this Zodiac sign is air. Aquarians can win any battle with their intellect. They are broad minded and logical, their creativity will undoubtedly take them to new heights, but they will only use it for the betterment of the world. These people have a golden heart and they like to add quirk to their life. They are kind and will do anything for the betterment of their surroundings. They always try make things better, be it their relations or the world.

Aquarius are content with whatever they have, they are never envious towards anyone. They are great players and love to swim. They love shades of blue and green. When in a romantic relationship they are flirtatious, playful and like to impress their partners with their magical words.

Wit, vision and a beautiful heart is what makes the Aquarius the kindest of the lot…

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