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Capricorn, the tenth sign of the Zodiac is all about working hard. These people always have a smile on their face. They like a happy, happy environment around. Their life is a business for them. They know if something is incomplete they can complete it tomorrow. Since Capricorn are ambitious, determined and practical. They are strong headed and determined up an extent which can make them stubborn. No matter what comes their way Capricorns will go on.

Goat is the symbol of Capricorns, which is quite appropriate. Goats love to climb on the top and experience the beauty of being there.Capricorns are just like their mascot they love to

climb to the top position and enjoy the name and fame associated with it.No matter what comes their way, they will never leave any stone unturned to reach to the top. It is not always a cake walk for these people. They face their fair share of troubles, but sky is the limit for them. Capricorns can be egoistic in their pursuit of power and they may consider it as a trait of leader.

Capricorns are efficient, ambitious and focused, but they have also mastered the art of blending patience with ambitions. They are patient and wait for their chance. Once they get their chance they know how to get things done and woo the audience. Due to their hard work they manage to hog a lot of limelight and a social status they constantly crave for.

Saturn is the ruling planet of this Zodiac sign, Saturn is considered as the of father of many gods, due to which he is given the top position, well Capricorns also bask on the similar kind of glory. They like to be at the top of the game, adding on to this, luck is always on their side. Caps can achieve whatever they want to with just little bit of luck. People tend to help them during their various ventures, but once Capricorns are on the other side of the bridge they should not forget about the pals who supported them.

Earth is the element for this Zodiac sign, which makes them grounded and down to earth. They like to stay at home and go to work instead of going on a long vacation. These people are business minded, every morning when they wake up they like to look at their accolades and smile, well that does not stop them from working hard, as they don’t let success get into their head. They are next level workers and can be materialistic and greedy on certain occasions, but they are smart and don’t get carried away easily.

All work and play, nah that’s not the case with Capricorns as they do indulge in a lot of relaxing and rejuvenating activities. Brown and Khakhi are the colours for them. Capricorns may not be the fountain of emotions as lovers, but they are extremely devoted to their partners.

Their ambitions and hunger to be at the top of the game makes them what they are…

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