Eighth House

22-11-2017 / Astrology Prime

Commonly known as the house of sex and sexual desires, this is the house that deals with our relationships. It talks about our interaction with people and how those interactions will pan out. It also tells us about the benefits we will get from those interactions and what a particular relationship has in store for us.

Getting back on track, now let’s focus on the most important aspect of this house that is sex, it also takes care of your indulgence in a variety of sexual desires. It talks about the three most important phases of an individual’s life that is birth, death and sex as that is the time when you die

a little death with each moment and you are born again as a new being. We all experience death and rebirth as a part of our life, be it a broken relationship or losing someone after that very moment we are a new person.

Eighth house also governs our shared resources, it talks about our inheritance, alimony etc. It also focuses on the support we get from those around us. Being sexually dependent of someone is also the area this house takes care of, as your sexual dependency not only shows the proximity you have with that person, it also tells you about the level of comfort and trust you have on that person.

The ruling planets of this house are Mars and Pluto, the ruling zodiac sign of this house is Scorpio. As we already told you this house talks about support, which may be emotional, financial and legal support as well.

Our sense of understanding, loyalty, responsibility and honesty majorly affects our relationships and these aspects are taken care by this house. Why we are, the way we are. How our nature affects our relationships. What kind of secrets we keep, How it affects our partner and our relationship with them, And the legacy we carry is all that, which comes under this house.

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