Water: The Element of Motion

22-11-2017 / Astrology Prime

What strikes your mind, when we say water? A necessity, fluid that takes any shape, flowing and twinkling, well so are the people associated with this element. Water is the ruling element for zodiac signs like Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, it also rules fourth, eighth and twelfth houses. Water immensely influences the emotions of the signs it is associated with.

These people are extremely sensitive, and emotions is the building block of the signs those are ruled by water. These people are blessed with the ability to understand people’s pain and sorrow. These are intense people once you have them you have them for life, but you cannot mistreat them

or take them for granted, because if they leave you they are not going to come back ever.

They can be a great help to those who are suffering emotionally, they understand people like to take in their feeling and come up with an apt solution for your problems. Water signs are most content when they are helping others. Logic is a far of thing for them, they like to put their heart before wits. They can go out of their way to understand someone’s emotions.

Water based signs are born artists, they like to beautify things and give their artistic touch to it. Both external and internal beauty matters to these people and they constantly try to make things better around them. Anything that makes others happy gives these people a great sense of contentment.

These individuals like to make their dream land and live in their world of illusions. These people like to sulk, they are prone to mood swings, if something goes against them they can become aloof, self-centered and lonesome, but these traits help them to see things in a better way. Well, that sounds insane, but it’s not.

They can be crazy like waves or calm like the sea, but they are highly emotional, these people are receptive and can relate to someone’s pain. Emotions is all they have.

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