Fifth House

22-11-2017 / Astrology Prime

Pleasure is what the fifth house gives you and that’s why it is called the house of pleasure. We get pleasure by doing things we like, which could be creating something. This house focuses on the things you create. It talks about your children and your family. It also speaks about creativity and culture. This house makes you an ardent lover of art. The Fifth house makes you aware of what pleasure means to you and what self-satisfaction means to a person.

This house makes you question yourself whether you like something, whether that thing gives you self-satisfaction or what can you get

satisfaction from. Fifth house gives you believe in pleasure principle and how you can flourish in your love life due to it. Romance and your love life are the two major domains which come under this house. You can get emotional satisfaction and happiness from multiple sources and this house takes care of all your emotional needs and desires.

If you shift your focus a little bit from emotions this house also rules the world of gambling. This gambling can be in their love life, money matters or in life. This house is the god of fun, entertainment and hobbies. What is the meaning of your life, if at the end of the day you are unable to find yourself…This House aids you to find yourself.

As we already told you children are a major source of pleasure for us and hence this house focuses on this aspect too. Ruling planet of this house is Sun and the ruling zodiac sign is Leo. This house mainly sticks to your children as they are a lifelong source of pleasure.

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