First House

22-11-2017 / Astrology Prime

First house is popularly known as house of the Self, home of the ascendant and is the cusp of this house. In astrology the first house denotes new beginnings and is also associated with the crucial moment of your birth. The new beginnings are individualistic, as they tell you all about the journey called life. This house makes you well versed with What you are? Who you are? From where you belong? And What you will be?

It gives you a reality check about yourself. The first house tells you about your potential and the purpose which you are supposed to serve. It shows you the broader picture. Every human is different, so are our personalities

and this house tells us about our role, which we are supposed to play as an individual.

The first house plays a major role in our early childhood, how we will turn out to be? What our life would look like? The choices we will make and the kind of behaviour we will have, is all governed by the first house. The first house is like the prelude to the book called life. The First house shapes us in and out as a person.

The first house is ruled by planet Mars and Zodiac sign Aries, It gives you a brief prelude to what you are what you can be and what you will be in the coming days. It also tells you about your attitude towards others and how it will affect you in the long run. The first house makes you aware about your personality and what will people’s approach be towards it.

All in all, it gives you rough image of what you will be in near future.

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