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Gemini is the third zodiac sign and if you find anyone constantly talking around you, you must know he/she is a Gemini. These are a true chatterbox, as they find it hard to keep quite…If you are around a Gemini you will automatically start talking. Though, Geminis love to talk a lot but none of it is baseless, as the people who are born under this zodiac are not only social, but witty as well. Their wits, is what attracts people towards them.

Geminis are certainly the life of any party, they always keep themselves well informed and like to share their new discovered knowledge with their pals…their wits is what keeps them going,

Geminis are the most interesting people as they always have a lot of imaginative tales to share with the world. You will surely be astonished after having a conversation with a Gemini, they are quick witted and will never let you get bored.

Geminis are a perfect blend of sugar and spice and everything nice, they are represented by twins which clearly shows you both sides of the coin. Geminis are the most practical beings of the lot and they can easily see both good as well as bad, but they take their own sweet time to decide what is right and what is wrong, they may change their decision at the last moment if they aren’t satisfied with it…Well, that’s why they are mostly considered as fickle minded and impatient.

Geminis are god of mood swings and they are skeptical about things, but on the other hand they are easy going and adaptable to changes. Twins are open towards changes and they can move mountains with their wits and efficiency to bring things in control. They appreciate your efforts towards them…The only draw back of their brains is they are curious to know several things at a go, which at times tunes into Pandora’s box.

Mercury is the ruling planet of this zodiac sign, Geminis are quick on their feet and wits, much like their ruling planet. They are witty as well as clever which makes them the talk of the town. Geminis are amiable and social, and will pour their heart out once they start talking to you…They are mostly misjudged by people, but all in all Geminis have a beautiful heart and a sharp mind.

Air is the mother element of Geminis, air is associated with creative minds, whose lives are based on thinking, well twins are no different. They are very clear about what they want from their life…while working they can see all the aspects of a project. Their suggestion oozes logic and are always appreciated by all…They are not leaders, but they are an integral part of any company. If you want a partner for a road trip, ask a Gemini as they will never say no to road trips. Geminis are sapiosexual and instantly connect to those who are witty, they are energetic and full of life, these qualities certainly make them amazing life partners as well.

Twins are flirtatious and are quick to make conversation with their potential partner…they are fond of all the games, but as they are twins double tennis is their favourite. As we already told you Geminis are intellectual, well that defines their love for books. Twins should try to keep themselves calm by practicing yoga, meditation and other recreational activities.

Twins have the quality to charm people by their words, they are outstanding orators and can easily get people’s attention. They are adventurous and always have clarity of thoughts…They love effortlessly.

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