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If you find someone hogging all the lime light that must be the fifth sign of zodiac the Leo, Leos just love to be the talk of the town. Popularity and Leos are synonymous. If you find a Leo in Hollywood or Bollywood don’t be surprised, as these people never shy away from lime light…They are born with creative instincts, which acts like a cherry on the cake. Leos have talent and creativity in their genes. They are extremely warm and ooze enthusiasm 24/7…they are hyper active, and they can show you how to live your life king size. Leos are inclined towards pleasure and like to indulge in pleasure oriented activities.

A Lion represents Leos and just like its symbol Leos like to rule the world…They are born with leadership qualities and they

symbolize strength and dignity. They know who is the boss, as they are quite efficient in getting things done. They like to take responsibility along with the powers they are given. As we already told you Leos are born with amazing leadership skills and if you have a Leo is your team you don’t have to worry about the completion of the tasks assigned to your team, Leos will take care of everything. They have the capability to inspire masses and are quite idealistic.

Leos have their goals set and they would do anything to achieve them. Sun is the ruling planet for this Zodiac sign and much like their ruling planet everything revolves around Leos, they are outgoing, strong headed and sorted about their life…They live their life to the fullest. Leos are good as friends than foes, after all who would like to bear the brunt of the mighty lion. Leos are determined to get things done, which is often considered as being arrogant or bossy, but these are only traits of a good leader.

The natives of this sun sign are pure romantics, if they love you they will serve their heart to you. Did you ever notice a lion? Didn’t it give you a warm feeling? Certainly, it must have, as their ruling element is fire, which rises the temperature of the environment when a Leo is around.

If you find a person spending ruthlessly on a casino table close your eyes and call him a Leo, as Leo never miss a chance to gamble. Who is a good king? A good king is someone who makes the people in his estate happy, it goes without saying that Leos like to make everyone happy. They can woo anyone with their charm and aura. No matter what Leos are always the center or attraction and are appreciated by friends and family.

Leos love physical activities and they can literally spend their whole day in Gym…They are not only king of the jungle, but they rule heart as well. They are the most romantic and passionate partner you will ever find, and you will certainly find it hard to take your eyes off them.

Leos are known for their loyalty, creativity and leadership, nothing on earth can change a Leo’s decision…They are strong headed and ambitious. They can move mountains to achieve what they want to.

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