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Libra is the seventh Zodiac sign and you can feel the air of transition from this zodiac sign…The first six zodiac signs were about people, but what you will see now is more about the contact with the world. Libras hate being along and always try to make partners, they also try to see what is common between them and their partners…They can give you major partnership goals. Libras live by two P’s in their life that is partnership and pair. Libras are always more efficient when they have a partner or when they are in pair. They like balance and harmony in life, they are truly team players, but you can see their utmost loyalty when they are with their life partners. They like to have forever bonds with people.

Scales are the symbol of Libra and just like their balancing natures Libras too like to balance out everything. Libras like to do things that is good for everyone, but their wise decisions leave no stone untuned to generate conflict. Scales read everything and try to take every point into consideration…They at times overdo it and have to bear the brunt of people’s criticism.

Libras can be control freaks as they like to manage and organize everything, they love to maintain peace and harmony and they would do anything to maintain it. Libras are quite social, as they always look forward to meet new people.

Venus is the ruling planet of this zodiac and it goes without mentioning that Venus was the goddess of seduction and love and so are Libras. They like to give that beautiful touch to everything or rather we should say, they love everything that is beautiful. Well, that can be a reason behind their great popularity at the parties.

You can expect some charming words coming out of a Libra’s mouth, but they may look gossipy…Which they are not. As we already told you Libras like to beautify things and they do it with their surrounding as well. These people are quite artistic and stylish, they can just transform anyone from an ugly duckling to a diva. No matter what a Libra will always greet you with a beautiful smile.

Air is the element that is associated with scales, Air signifies high thinking and Libras certainly have one. They like to communicate with people and get an in-depth knowledge about their life…Yes, that is their favourite job. Libras like to talk things out, fighting is certainly not their cup of tea…They can communicate and sell their ideas. These people don’t believe in taking hasty decision, instead they like to calm down and listen to the people. Libras can use their charm to get things done, but they are not manipulative.

Libras like to indulge in various adventurous activities, but following their basic trait…they need a partner for everything. Libras are romantic to the core and they are loyal too. They definitely know how to make their partner happy. Libras and diplomacy goes hand in hand. They are good souls and like to maintain peace and harmony around.

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