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Last but no the least, Pisces is the twelfth sign of zodiac, hence it comes out as an amalgamation of various characteristics of all the eleven sun signs. The most prominent trait of this sign is their ability to keep things under wraps. They have everything on earth, but they don’t believe in flaunting it. Pisces live in their own world, mostly they are associated with emotions and secrets. These people are sensitive and selfless, their feelings define them. Their intuitions are very dear to them as it shapes their life in a broader sense. They have a unique power to feel what people are going through.

Pisces are lucid people and like to go with the flow, which is appropriately symbolized by a pair of fish.The pair of fish also

represents, the dual side of the natives of this zodiac sign. They are always in that grey zone, you will never know what exactly is going in a Pisceans head, due to which they are frequently called the Chameleons of the zodiac. They are game changers. It’s impossible to understand what is cooking in their head. Mostly they are at your service and will keep your needs before theirs, they won’t leave any chance to go out of their way and help others…but, that’s not the case always, they make take advantage of you if they think you are less important.

Pisces are ruled by Jupiter and Neptune and if we go by ancient mythology Jupiter is the king of Gods and Neptune is the ruler of seas. The amalgamation of these two planets gives some unique powers and a bucket full of energy to the natives of this Zodiac Sign. Pisces tend to be pessimistic in their approach towards various things. Their pessimism can lead them to procrastination and lethargy. They mostly like to indulge themselves in artistic pursuits and they can easily make a career in anything related to the arts.

The element that is associated with this zodiac sign is water, Pisceans are a sea of emotions with waves of unpredictability. Pisceans live in their dream land where everything is lush and beautiful. They are quite sensitive too, you just cannot afford to hurt a Piscean and get away with it, without wiping their tears. The natives of this zodiac sign are shy, coy, polite and can give away their heart if you are good to them.

As we know Pisceans are symbolized by a pair of fish, they just love to swim, as they find it relaxing and rejuvenating. They love pastel shades. They are romantic, caring and most creative as life partners.

What defines a Piscean is his/her ability to feel the other’s pain and giving away whatever they have.

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