Chiron the Healer and Your Horoscope

22-11-2017 / Astrology Prime

While thousands of words can be invested to explain the influence of astronomical planets in astrology, the blissful influence of Chiron, the comet can be wrapped up in a few yet effective sentences.

A minor planet in the outer orbits, Chiron, in astronomy, occupies the space between Saturn and Uranus. Ancient Greek mythology tells us that Chiron was the chief of the centaurs, granting wisdom and foresight to his kin.

Chiron, in astrology represents one’s ability and desire to heal. Known as the “Wounded Healer” this planet represents an individual’s deep-rooted

wounds, the pain associated with each and the desire to spiritually overcome that.

Chiron invokes the phoenix instinct in an individual. Chiron makes one suffer from deep spiritual wounds and forces one to get out of that pain by healing the scars life has put on the suffering human soul. Chiron, will make one rise from ashes and have a self stronger than before, tougher that before.

Chiron in weak influence will first make one go low on self-esteem and will later uplift his/her spirit and heal. Healing power is strong under the influence of wise old Chiron. Visit to find out what Master Chiron says about your future now!

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