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Study of stars and planets is an ancient practice, each study has unveiled the strong foothold of planets in our day to day lives, their movement around the axis changes the game plan for all of us, life is a race with no instructions included and planets can either help one win it or can jam the wheels right before the finishing line depending on their position in your horoscope.

Since ancient times, Jupiter, the seventh planet in the solar realm has been treated as the blue-eyed guy in astrology. Jupiter is popularly believed to be the planet of luck, the leader of the Olympian gods Jupiter brings luck,

prosperity, wealth, health, power and position, this planet is believed to be the wish granting wizard in astrology, you want it and Jupiter gets it if in a favorable position is the horoscope.

Jupiter is said to be the king of solar realm and takes 361 days to orbit the sun, which provides the planet a years’ time to spend on each zodiac signs; Hence if the planet reigns a in a favorable house in the horoscope it will bring luck, hope, higher learning, will provide food for abstract mind and help form individual ideology or outlook towards life.

A strong foothold of Jupiter is seen in the 9th and 12th house in the astrology chart, Jupiter rules the Sagittarius zodiac sign and is a provider to Pisces. Jupiter being a kind and altruistic planet creates favorable situations for one to grow and flourish, being the banner holder for justice this planet beseeches an individual to keep its moral quotient on check, drives an individual on right path.

Strong position of Jupiter in an individual’s horoscope comes with prosperity, progress, optimism, faith, hope and dare tagged along. Jupiter’s strong position in the horoscope effects an individual’s capacity to take risks, Jupiter influences an individual to dare to play risk cards to achieve something. However, the vastness of Jupiter slows down its movement which results into laziness or fatigue in an individual governed by the planet resulting into fat gain.

Individuals governed by Jupiter tend to have a sanguine nature, they excel in what they do, they are believers and achievers and having this planet in favor puts all the puzzle block in place on your behalf So if Jupiter is your ruling planet close your eyes and say “thank you” as it has got everything covered for you.

Prelude To Astrology

The keys to understanding astrology, by their groupings into elements, qualities, ruling planets and more.

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