The Red Shadow of Mars on your Horoscope

22-11-2017 / Astrology Prime

We all have seen that one person in our lives who never gets tired, give them a bucket list and they can finish it in no time while having craving for more. These people leave a thought in mind “from where do they get such energy?” and we will promptly answer: the “red planet” Mars.

The planet represents element fire in the “universal conspiracy” and so does its nature in our lives. Mars is the planet of power, passion and position. It is authoritative in nature, believes in taking charge of situations and invokes ambition and confidence in an individual.

Mars is in the lordship of two zodiac signs, Aries and Scorpio. The planet resides in houses eighth and fifth. Numerology has assigned the number nine as the archetype of this planet. Mars takes one and half year to complete its orbit and if during that time it happens to pay a visit to your lucky house in the horoscope be sure it won’t disappoint you.

An individual under the influence of Mars will have the innate quality of administration, regality and courage. One can easily term such people as “Power Houses” because their energy is never confined within, just like their planet in charge they disseminate all the energy to the surroundings. Mars negates all goodwill when an individual is in a hostile relationship with an individual making him/her arrogant and jealous in nature.

Mars exhibits dual character in its nature. On the one hand its amorphous energy is a nurturer and provider of strength, power and vitality and on the other this energy can act adversely causing aggression, violence, natural disasters even death.

The planet doesn’t react but act, hence repercussion is its companion in the dark. Adversely placed Mars in a horoscope can make a person criminal minded, such an individual will thrive to control his/ her energy and dissemination of their expression will always be negative.

Mars drives the physical needs of human life. In astrology the placement of mars in a horoscope determines the expression of their energy in specific interests. So if you feel pulled towards any profession or passion that needs courage, vigor and leadership be sure Mars is in the driving seat for you.

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