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The cosmic energies are accurately determined by the luminaries in the solar system. The moon being one of them, has immense power that helps to preserve the existence of all life on earth.

In astrology, planet moon denotes mental power and emotional balance. It represents that feeling in an individual which not only helps to build a compassionate personality but also determines the nature of his relationship with other humans.

The moon in astrology represents love, beauty and mental power, this planet is considered to be a natural benefic and mental power and

prosperity can be bestowed upon an individual if the moon holds an influential position in the horoscope.

Moon holds the banner for felinity and due to its proximity with earth it highly influences the female clan on earth. The menstrual period is governed by the movement and different phase of the moon.

Moon may shift from one house to another and owns the zodiac sign Cancer, however the shift of this planet from one to another determines the emotional nature of an individual. The presence of the moon in the first astrological house makes an individual emotionally extrovert, their feelings are not cloaked. It’s out there for everyone to see, they need a lot of stimulation and constant need for space to communicate in order to be happy and as the planet makes its shift from one to another the emotional need of an individual changes accordingly.

Water is the soul element of this planet and a favorable position of the moon in the horoscope indicates joy, prosperity, mental peace and enthusiasm. The Moon is like a window one looks through and it deeply affects the emotional nature of a person. So if this planet is in a hostile position it can invite depression, tension, suicidal tendency, pessimistic attitude and a lot of negativity in life. So a happy moon makes a happy individual.

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The keys to understanding astrology, by their groupings into elements, qualities, ruling planets and more.

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