Neptune Rising!

22-11-2017 / Astrology Prime

Neptune is the 8th planet in the solar system recognized as a Jovian planet by astronomers, God of the sea by astrologers. This planet symbolizes inspiration, illusion, dreams, psyche and confusion.

People under the influence of the planet can be hopeful, dreamers, compassionate and spiritually awakened. They tend to break free from the limitations and restrictions of reality. They can be characterized as mystical and it can be difficult to detect their true self.

Neptune rules over the Pisces zodiac house. An individual governed by this planet thrives to rise above the demands of ego and attain spiritual

enlightenment.A positively placed Neptune in a horoscope is the provider of youth, naivety and spirit.

A dysfunctional position of Neptune in a horoscope can result into a negative manifestation of the planet. Hostile Neptune makes an individual an escapist, they tend to become melodramatic and impractical. In worst case scenario an individual under Neptune’s bad influence can become unworthy of society’s trust and fraudulent. They remain unfair in both spiritual and material matters.

A badly placed Neptune in a horoscope includes outcomes like deception, guilt and addiction. Mental Vagueness and confusion are results of a negative placement of the planet.

Neptune can’t be seen with the unaided eye, such is its realm. Neptune deals with all things below the surface or behind the veil but is a powerful force to deal with in the cosmic world. The effect of Neptune can be overwhelming and only a strong personality can handle the delusion caused by the planet. Both the vastness and distance of the planet from sun works adversely for the movement of the planet. It takes 168 years for Neptune to orbit the sun. The planet will linger in a zodiac house for more than 15 years shaping characteristics of generations. So for good or bad, if Neptune is placed your horoscope once be assured it not going anywhere anytime soon.

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