Lord of the Underworld: Pluto in Astrology

22-11-2017 / Astrology Prime

Have you had a friend who used to be a timid creature in school and today you see her name maligning the headlines as a drug peddler? If you do, we are sure you are in rifts, still trying come in terms with it. You can’t stop thinking what could have pushed over the edge. Keep reading! We promise you will find answers.

Pluto the farthest planet from the sun wasn’t even in the game till 1930. The discovery of this smallest planet in the solar system added some major plot points in astrology.

Pluto’s energy hits you hard on the face, the planet beseeches you to introspect. Pluto will create situations for you to look at your inner self and unleash your “veiled face” whether it’s good or bad. Pluto is a purgatory with a twisted agenda, it makes you embrace your sins through suffering.

An individual under the bad influence of this planet will indulge into criminal activities and those who have a good position of Pluto in horoscope will feel the constant need for transformation, seek reality in the surreal.

Pluto advocates transformation, it constantly creates and destroys what it has created. So anyone under its influence will have this innate quality to be destructive and productive at the same time. Pluto is the ruler of crime so when a person metamorphoses into a criminal from subtle beauty, know that Pluto has played its cards.

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