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Saturn, the most infamous planet in astrology always remains in limelight, mostly for the bad reasons. We all have heard of Saturn playing the antihero in your life’s perfect screenplay but what if its not like what it meets the eye? What if in reality Saturn gives you back what you have invested in life, for e.g.- you do good you get good and you don’t, the planet plays it’s part in the game; Lets know all about planet and figure out whether Saturn is “Satan” or “ Saint” in your horoscope.

Saturn is the sixth planet in the solar system and number 8 in numerology represents the planet. Saturn rules on Saturday and moves on it’s west to orbit the sun which take the planet about one and half year in average.

The planet has friendly connections with Mercury, Venus and shares hostility with sun, moon and Mars while keeping a neutral relationship with Jupiter.

Saturn in astrology represents deeds, conscience and knowledge, this planet stands in favor of justice and enlightenment. Saturn is infamous for its unprejudiced justice it brings through suffering, the planet is said to be a stoical judge that rewards those who keep their acts clean and brings long suffering for those who disobey reality and practice misdeeds.

Astrologers believe Saturn to be synonymous to Karma, all the suffering it brings is long process of atonement for an individual which it the end unveils the ultimate truth of one’s true being in front their eyes. Through the process of stigmata one learn to accept its misdeed, repent and become a better self, Saturn having a slow pace of movement takes a long time to establish justice, makes one suffer longer than expected and when placed in an unfavorable house in the horoscope can bring bad luck, wealth loss and lifelong diseases.

Saturn associates itself with discipline and coherence, disobedience chaos is strictly chastised by this planet if its placed in an individual’s horoscope. The planet is feared by all due to its innate nature of bringing justice through punishment and atonement but if one looks at the broader picture Saturn is just like a philosophical teacher who sees the essence of life is in discipline, persistence, honesty and hard work; hence it punishes those who violate the true nature of life by their bad karma.

The planet when placed in a favorable house in an individual’s horoscope bestows him/her with long life, power and position and a hostile Saturn can be the worst nightmare of an individual as it brings sorrow, suffering, bad health.

So know where Saturn resides in your horoscope, follow the pattern of Saturn’s game plan for you and decide when it all ends who will you be if the all wise judge and guide is making you pay for your karma?

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